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If it grows together, it goes together, by Duy Huynh

Early September opens with the dark moon in Leo, waning to the New Moon in Virgo on the 5th!

Muse on your goals, rituals and habits from now, ready to set strong intentions for your ‘Virgo’ area of the horoscope on the 5th.

(Scopes live now!)

LA –  Thursday –  4:36 AM
NY –  Thursday –  7:36 AM
LON – Thursday -12:36 PM
SYD – Thursday –  9:36 PM

On the 9th, Mercury crosses the Zero Degree Aries PointThe AP includes all four cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and symbolizes a movement from inner desires to outer manifestation. With Mercury (thoughts and communication) involved, it’s a chance to ‘reset’ our focus, thinking in new ways, particularly in the area of life where you find 0 degrees of your cardinal signs, the natural ‘cardinal cross’ in your chart.

As the first degree of Libra, this placement says, “I relate”, suggesting how our drive to interact with others in socially significant ways . We’ll want to move that from the realm of ‘ideas’ out into the world of others. It’s a chance to put awareness on our thoughts and ways of communicating. Be ready to capture the attention of others!

On the 11th, Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio, a powerful, intense and dramatic ‘cloak’ for this ‘relationship’ energy. Venus does rule our one-to-one dynamics but let’s remember this planet is also about our core values, self-esteem and sense of abundance. A great exercise to get into alignment with our core self is the ‘Worthiness Magic’.

Worthiness Magic
Get a little notepad and on the first page write, I am worthy . . . write it a few times, just to get in the head space. Then go with some specifics. It might look like this:

I am worthy  . . .
I am worthy of love . . .
I am worthy of closeness . . .
I am worthy of connection. . .
I am worthy of happiness . . .
I am worthy of my family . . .
I am worthy of my power . . .
I am worthy of success . . .
I am worthy of my place in the world . . .

I am worthy . . .

Do the exercise once a day while Venus is in Scorpio and watch your world change!

The Full Moon in Pisces is on the 19th. This is a powerful time to tune in to inspiration, intuition and creative impulse. Synchronicity abounds, so open your eyes to this magical aspect of life.

Full Moon in Pisces softens some of the harder edges around current astro, the Pluto/Uranus square in particular. Whatever you’ve been reluctant to deal with, or fighting against, takes on a new tone – lighter, gentler, more approachable. It’s all in the mind, how you choose to respond to the experiences around you. Take this as a cue to empowerment and remember, you decide!

Pluto goes direct on the 21st, tuning us into events and emotions from December 2012. Release resistance to any contrast or upset. No point having a power struggle with yourself!

Sun into Libra on the 23 marks the Spring or Fall Equinox, again activating the Zero Degree Aries Point, the one Mercury pre-paved at the start of the month. This boost our energy, vitality and drive as we seek to express through society, partnership, collaboration and all forms of relationship. Get out there and shine!

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 29th, a sign the ‘messenger of the gods’ will be in until the end of the year! Get your Scorpio house correct as you listen to the messages from your heart, minds and body. Tune in, slow down, and experience!

01 Oct 2013  MERCURY Enters Rx Zone @ 2 Scorpio
21 Oct 2013 MERCURY Stationary Retrograde @ 18 Scropio
10 Nov 2013 MERCURY Stationary Direct @ 2 Scorpio
27 Nov 2013 MERCURY Leaves Rx Zone @ 18 Scorpio

Comments welcome! Have a great month, everyone!