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My Friend Lester Tongue Heart, by Alexander Jansson

My Friend Lester Tongue Heart, by Alexander Jansson

Circumspection is your friend this month, along with ‘finding a better feeling thought’, seeing the bigger perspective and focusing on what is going right-for-you, not the opposite.

The key is to remember, good – bad, right – wrong, happy – sad, strong – weak are all ‘binary opposites’. In each is contained the other. The contrast of opposites is the spice of life! Without it, how would we even feel alive?

Now, with that intro, you all know what kind of energy is zapping around us this month, right? Everyone ready? It’s pretty exciting, like running an ‘obstacle’ course, or spending a month on ‘Survivor.’ You will be sweating and puffing and grunting and catharting! How cool is that? Holy moly, it’s good to be alive!

October begins with Sun (Self) square Pluto (underworld), Sun opposite Uranus (radical change, rebellion) and on the 4th, the New Moon in Libra (inner world of feelings) lining up to do the same. ANYTHING that you have turned a blind eye to, or have been tolerating, or is not in alignment with you, is going to make itself known. This is not a tickle from a magic feather. Um, no. Think big, strong, in your face ‘information’. Deal with it!

Your astro support is to check in on where the transiting Uranus at 10 Aries square Pluto at 9 Capricorn falls in your chart. Those houses and activated planets are where you do the inner, and outer work. It things are in a pinch, it’s because you are out of alignment with your authentic nature and core values. Fix it or fuq it. It’s that simple. Change what you can, and find a way to feel at peace with what you can’t. Done. AMP self-love to the MAX!

The 7th of October sees Venus into Sagittarius, a playful, exploratory, carefree vibe around relationships, artistry and money. It’s a breath of fresh air. Breathe! This week also has Mercury over Saturn in Scorpio, great for organizing projects, structuring thoughts and getting practical in your ‘Scorpio house(s)’. Along with that is Venus square Neptune, a kind of la la land enchantment. It’s perfect for some much deserved time off to immerse in love, beauty, artistry, chocolate. The imagination nurtures. Jupiter makes a showing this week too, which boosts confidence, a welcome vibe after some possible self-doubt.

October 15th, Mars goes into Virgo until early December. This is a ‘get your act together’ vibe where your inner warrior turns into a white tornado. Use it! Direct it! The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th is at 25 Aries/Libra. What a full moon! Jupiter touches it off, adding the audacity to release what isn’t working, embrace what is, or what will, and feel good about your choices, regardless of what’s scattered across the trail you’ve left behind. Best motto:  Release the Krakan, before he makes a meal of you!

October 21, Mercury turns Rx @ 18 Scorpio until November 10. There may be some backtracking on choices made, and that’s perfectly fine. The goal is self-reflection. You want to do plenty of it, especially in the area of life where you have Scorpio in your chart. Mercury will cross Saturn three times, so make that ‘serious self-reflection’. It leads to awareness, authenticity, and honoring of core values. It’s a gift if you slow down, rewind, re-think, reconsider, retrace you physical, emotional and spiritual steps. ie Plow forward blindly at your own risk! Also, sun into Scorpio on the 23rd!

End of the month sees the sun trine Neptune, a creative, blissful vibe. If you’re not glimpsing it, spend some time tuning in to what you really want. Your heart’s desire. As Jeannette Maw says, if you can imagine it, you can have it. Make that your mantra now!

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmI’d love to stay in touch with everyone this month, so feel free to post your happenings in the comments, or over at the GoodVibeAastrology forum. We’ll be running two free calls, the roundtable on the 8th and a WTF is up right now on the 22nd.

Also at GVA, while mercury is Rx, all courses will be on sale. First up is Essential Astrology for Deliberate Creators. For many, studying your chart through the Mercury in Scorpio transit will be just the thing.

Happy October, everyone! xxxKim