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Astrology is a powerful tool for deliberate creators, counselors, psychologists, healers and those looking to understand their core values, Self and relationships in a more complete way. Astrology can also illuminate the energy around a specific question, like “Where is the missing wallet?” Or, “What is this relationships good for?” “Is this my best time to buy/sell/join/quit/start?”

Asking a question and creating a chart for that moment is called Horary (‘hourly’) Astrology.  When a strong desire or burning query takes shape, mentally or verbally,  a chart is created, representing its ‘birth’. You can see an example here, in The Case of the Missing Hair Brush.

Question and answer, like two sides to the same coin, are contained in the energy of the moment it is asked. That energy is symbolized by the astrological chart. 

Through the positions of the planets, the question, it’s background, and where the energy is currently headed is fully described. It works like this:

Everything is energy.

Energy vibrates.

The signature of the vibration is a perfect match to the moment of ‘birth’ be it a person, business, relationship or idea.

Basically, the symbolism in the chart reflects the energy of the manifestation, and we can learn how to ‘read’ that energy, via the horoscope. Reading the Horary chart is less interpretive than it sounds. There are ancient, and very specific rules to the craft. Learn them, and you’ll be amazed at the information embedded in a single moment of time.

A common way to utilize Horary astrology, besides the obvious, what, when, where and why (I recommend getting in the habit of leaving the ‘how‘ out of the equation), is the ‘electional’ chart. This is where we find the perfect date, time and place to ‘begin’ something new (or start over). Knowing that the birth chart of a business, marriage, course of study, book or new career will reflect the energy of that experience, we can use this branch of astrology to deliberately create what we want.

For examples and practice with Horary charts, join in on the November Roundtable Call. We’ll be talking about the energy of the ‘now’ and see how different questions apply.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmFeel free to join in over at the GoodVibeAstrology forum. Jeannette Maw, the GoodVibecoach, and I will be running two free calls in November, the roundtable on the 5th and a topic call on the 19th.

Also at GVA, while mercury is Rx, all courses will be on sale. First up is Essential Astrology for Deliberate Creators. For many, studying your chart through the Mercury in Scorpio transit will be just the thing.