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Mercury Direct @2 Scorpio Times corrected – Thank you Shell!
LA   – Sunday – 1:11 pm
NY   – Sunday – 4:11 pm
LON – Sunday – 9:11 pm
SYD – Monday – 8:11 am

Astro-LOA Flash: Mercury direct is the big news of the week, while asteroids Pan and Eros dance across the Aries – Libra equinox point. The combination is exhilarating.

Whatever appeared for you in the reflective Rx period gains power, meaning as you release what is old, worn out and no longer authentic, new, vital energy rushes in.

The trickster is about, guaranteed to tip things upside down in order to blaze the trail. Best action: point your feet in the direction you want to go. If you aren’t sure, take this simple test – If it lights your fire, it’s game on! Your LOA support from Jeannette Maw? Make Way for Miracles!

Eros opposite Pan this weekend is a trickster vibe, on the Zero Degree Aries Point no less) one where the call of the wild may lure you into nature’s secret ways. Be it in your vivid imagination, dreams or waking life, expect the sultry allure of Eros to mingle with Pan’s shock tactics.

The Trickster is an archetypal figure found in all cultures, in all places, in all times. She, or he, is both unconscious and super-conscious, hidden in our psyche and projected out into the world.

The Trickster comes along when we are stuck, either in a habit pattern that no longer serves us, a limiting thought about ourselves or others, or a feeling of being trapped or out of touch with the creative life force. When we get into such a state, sooner or later the Trickster comes to blow the roof off the house. We fall in love, or make a radical change or have a sudden shake up and the flow of energy to our hearts is renewed.

Eros and Pan are both metaphors for the Tricksters and when they team up, we know big things are about to happen. Check where 0 degrees of Aries – Cancer – Libra – Capricorn is in your chart to get a glimpse of where the action is! It’s a live one! Enjoy!

Feel free to post your experiences in the comments.

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