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‘Pandora’ by Patricia Watwood

ASTRO-LOA FLASH: Venus conjuncts Pandora and Pluto this week bringing into focus the question. Will you open the box? Pandora, the All Gifted One, was a precursor to Eve, scapegoat of civilization, carrying everything patriarchal rule could throw at her. Sure, she wasn’t supposed to look in the box, but that’s like saying, “stay naive, do what you’re told, don’t rock the boat, don’t question.” With Venus (relationships), Pluto (total transformation), and Pandora (take the blinkers off why don’t ya?) together, you’ll want to poke a stick at all your one-to-one’s and see if they’re still kicking. Will it cause trouble? Probably. Better to find out? You decide!

Pandora, along with Venus, is likely to trigger the Uranus/Pluto square in your chart. Where is that happening? Look to 8/9 degrees of Aries and 8/9 Capricorn. That’s where you light a fire under complacency and start a revolution. If it sounds too wild, remember Jung’s words, “What we resist persists.” The tip is, stop resisting. Pandora did . . .

Pandora, according to Hesiod, was “an infestation among men . . . the source of all evil on earth”. But now she stands as a reminder that gender biases, contrasts, conflicts, confusion, rejection and even moments of despair are pathways to solutions, growth and success. How? As the story goes, Pandora came with a box she was not meant to open. Of course, she did, unleashing unimaginable ‘evil’ on earth, but that was not all. In the box remained the greatest blessing, the Star of Hope. ie Release the crud and appreciate the beauty that stays with you.

Pandora with Pluto and Venus is a time to purge all relationships, especially those linked to the houses you find 9 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Never has it been more relevant, that saying “better out than in.” I call it ‘Pandora’s Rule’!

Also this week is the Taurus Full Moon, all the more reason to release grudges, tolerations, unexpressed mental clutter, and let the sun shine in! Post a comment to share what you’re releasing, or if you need help finding out WHERE this is happening for you. Once you spot it, you can ‘Make Way for Miracles‘ as Jeannette Maw says, cracking open to doors of deliberate creation!

Have a great week, everyone!