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At the quantum level, it is understood that “what the observer will do in the future defines what happens in the past.” –John Wheeler 1977

Listen to the June Call Recording

Back in June, our free call at GoodVibeAstrology.com was about the magic of time and how it expresses through retrograde planets. Neptune and Mercury were the focus as Jeannette and I discussed how we can all leverage Rx energy for the greatest benefit.

Tomorrow, we are going to revisit this topic, with Neptune now direct.

14 Feb 2013 02:26 pm 02PI35′ NE Enters Rx Zone
06 Jun 2013 11:34 pm 05PI22’Rx NE Stationary Retrograde
13 Nov 2013 08:38 am 02PI35′ NE Stationary Direct
04 Mar 2014 06:22 am 05PI22′ NE Leaves Rx Zone
(from Cafe Astrology)

We know that Neptune is about loosening up our grip on ‘what is’ and allowing for more of what we want. Mercury is all about our thoughts and how we manage them. Now with Mercury and Neptune both traveling direct again, we are going to revisit those letters we sent to ourselves (you can open yours now, before the call) and play with the thought experiments we want to engage with in the future.

Tune in and learn more about where this energy is activating your life. Bring your charts, and make sure they are up on the GVA forum so all can see. To do so, become an Open Member (it’s free) and post your chart in the Gallery. Tutorials here on how to.

November 19/20, 2013
LA – Tue – 4pm
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