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Live stream news on Comet Ison – NASA Hangout

November 29th 8:43 am Scientists say it appears comet ISON from the fringes of the solar system didn’t survive its close encounter with the sizzling sun.

November 29th 9:16PM – U.S. Navy solar researcher Karl Battams wrote on his blog that “it does appear that at least some small fraction of ISON has remained in one piece.”

November 29th 9:16PM – Telescopes tracking Comet Ison saw at least part of it emerge on the other side of the star around six hours after disappearing from view.

November 30thΒ  –Β  8:55 am – Latest images from SOSHO

LOA support on Letting Go and Releasing Attachment.


Weekly ASTRO-LOA FLASH: Comet Ison is conjunct the sun in the early degrees of Sagittarius, poised to slingshot around the center of our solar system and shoot back out into deep space. Whether it survives the journey or not, this is a supercharged activation of all things Saggo, lighting up the area of your chart that holds 0-7 degrees of this Fire sign. The theme is CATCH all the stagnate energy (particularly in the area of life where Sagittarius rules) and RELEASE it! The universe has your back on this one. The more awareness you can conjure, the better. Trust, and do it!

Astrological Meaning of Ison: Rudolf Steiner, a 19th century thinker, philosopher, teacher and astrologer, had strong views about comets, their origins and relationship to our collective evolution. I’m not as certain as he was, but metaphorically, I feel Ison represents a clean sweep, a chance to release old habits and ‘tolerations’ so that we can be more authentic, vital, clear and carefree as we journey along our evolutionary way. As Ison came into our solar system, the comet swept through the signs of Cancer to Sagittarius. This will represent a hemisphere in the natal horoscope, and by taking note, and looking deeply into the houses that Ison passed through, we can consciously release any buried, kinked up or misaligned energy in those areas of life.

If you need any help identifying where Ison has traveled in your chart, put your hand up. I, or someone here, can show you how to spot it.

Watch for updates on Ison in the comments. We’ll know soon if Ison:

1) break into pieces
2) go poof (evaporate completely)
3) survive to slingshot around the sun and head back toward the Oort cloud from which he came

Remember, this is all happening in Sagittarius, the sign of explorations into the unknown. Whatever happens, the symbolic significance is revealing. Feel free to post your ideas, insights, questions and revelations.

Ison Ephemeris from LibraRising.com

2012 Sep.01 27Can25 dec=28N01
Comet Ison is discovered on Sep.21,2012(29Can27-noon UT) by two Russian astronomers
2012 Oct.01 00Leo11 dec=27N46
2012 Nov.01 01Leo16 dec=28N05
2012 Dec.01 29Can30 dec=29N08
2013 Jan.01 24Can13 dec=30N41
2013 Feb.01 16Can49 dec=31N42
2013 Mar.01 11Can09 dec=31N32
2013 Apr.01 08Can20 dec=30N34
2013 May.01 09Can18 dec=29N26
2013 Jun.01 13Can16 dec=28N13
2013 Jul.01 19Can15 dec=26N49
2013 Aug.01 27Can14 dec=24N53
2013 Aug.15 Ison enters Leo at 8:07 AM UT
2013 Sep.01 07Leo14 dec=22N04
2013 Sep.15 12Leo45 dec=20N18
2013 Oct.01 20Leo25 dec=17N34
On Oct.1st,2013(20Leo25) Ison makes its closest approach to Mars at 0.0724 AU
2013 Oct.15 29Leo22 dec=14N01
2013 Oct.15 Ison enters Virgo
2013 Oct.20 03Vir27 dec=12N17
2013 Oct.25 08Vir15 dec=10N10
2013 Nov.01 16Vir46 dec=06N17
2013 Nov.09 Ison enters Libra and goes south of equator
2013 Nov.10 02Lib35 dec=01S10
2013 Nov.15 14Lib56 dec=06S55
2013 Nov.19 Ison enters Scorpio 2013 Nov.20 00Sco26 dec=13S38
2013 Nov.25 18Sco51 dec=20S08
On Nov.28(1Sag55) Ison reaches perihelion(closest point to the Sun) at 0.012 AU
2013 Dec.01 05Sag34 dec=14S01
2013 Dec.05 02Sag49 dec=06S21

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