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Crispin Korschen ‘The Lovely Balance of you and Me’

Astro-LOA Flash: The New Moon energy lingers as Mercury enters Sagittarius, the sign of expansion, and squares Neptune, our deepest longings and desires. Warning: enter the Freudian Slip. What bubbles up from the unconscious this week will not be contained, but expect excellent results. Jupiter (joy and luck) is trine Saturn (ambition and tangible results) and Venus (sensuality and connections) is trine Mars (initiation and drive). Clear the repressed clutter, speak your mind and create what you want. Between now and the 18th, it’s an open playing field!

Mars will also ingress into Libra on the 8th, crossing the Zero Degree Aries Point, and staying in this sign for over seven months. Mars usually transits a sign ever eight weeks or so, making this a powerful energizer to your LIBRA house(s). Spot where this is in your chart to leverage the power to 1) know what you desires and 2) set intentions to achieve it. Remember, Mars knows how to get what he wants, even in the ‘I consider others‘ sign of Libra.

Mars is energy, heat, molecular motion, the part of us that says, I Am . . . Without Mars, we would not be able to move forward. As he crosses the first degree of Libra, this placement says, “I relate”. Where does your sense of Self connect to others, adding ‘relationship’ to your internal identity? Asking questions that resonate with your Libra house(s) bring awareness, the power to initiate and the drive to fulfill your desires.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmHave a great week, everyone!

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