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Findilaw of attraction friendly astrology for manifesting abundanceng Buried Treasure in Your Chart

By Jeannette Maw – GoodVibe Coach

December 22, 2013 | 4 Comments »

Lenora was known for financial blunders.  For over 25 adult years, her life seemed like one money disaster after the next.

Despite working for a variety of bosses in different jobs, she never found financial fulfillment or career success.

In fact, every job she had ended in drama, power struggles and burned bridges. She felt like she was cursed.

Until she learned to work with her midheaven Jupiter in Aries.

This planetary placement on the cusp of her 10th house gave a big clue as to where her professional success would be found: working for herself.

Sure enough, after Lenora started her own business last year, she hit the financial jackpot.  (Her stars had been pointing the way all along!)

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