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Danaides by John William Waterhouse

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year (and New Moon). I’ve been flooded with emails about readings and offerings for 2014. I thought I’d put a note here, but I’ll respond to your messages as well, asap.

My readings are closed for the first few months of 2014.

What I am offering you year round, besides courses at GVA, is access to the Inner Circle, IC for short.

The IC represents the midnight realm of the chart, the witching hour. It’s the door into the 4th house, rich in meaning, though private. Some call it the ‘I don’t C’. It’s the exact opposite to the MC or public eye of our lives. This is were we all hold a wealth of buried treasures that connect out into the rest of our horoscope in many different ways.

So what is the Inner Circle?

We’re a small, charter group at GVA, learning, expanding and exploring through astrology and deliberate creation.Topics range from return charts to horary to relationship dynamics to creating abundance to understanding and leveraging transits, progressions and Draconic symbolism. If you can imagine it, we’ll talk about it, learn and explore!

I picture everyone sitting in a circle, tossing a huge Ball of Joy from person to person … the ball increases in size and intensity as it moves around, gathering energy from each person yet mysteriously leaving us richer each time we pass it on … Quilly

If you want to learn how to use this empowering tool called Astro-LOA to enhance your life, help with decision making and boost your deliberate creation savvy, consider become a charter member.

The Inner Circle is for anyone who wants tutoring, support and community for their Astro-LOA learning and personal or coaching practicing. You will have access to me through emails, calls, the private forum and one on one SCYPE chats. Jeannette Maw is there too, adding her wisdom to the knowledge base. You’ll also have access to everything hosted at GVA. This includes:

A free seat to new GVA courses

Access to all past courses including:

– – Essential Astrology for Deliberate Creators
– – Astrology for Deliberate Creators
– – Sex Secrets: What Your Astrology Can Tell You
– – Path to Abundance

Full access to audio and video library. Inner Circle members have access to the complete course library including all the files, articles, videos, archived calls, etc.

Monthly group calls: You can join the monthly IC calls live, stream them online or listen to the recordings at your convenience. Each month will have a theme and area of focus.

Private group forum for IC members. This is where we discuss hands on case studies, share ideas and knowledge and look at each others charts as examples.

Private skype calls with Kim for one on one conversations, extra tutoring, guidance and support.

Email access for private conversations with Kim and/or Jeannette

Subscribe Here
Email me if you have any questions.

Happy 2014 Everyone!