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The Cardinal Grand Square

The Cardinal Grand Square

The January Monthly Call at GVA is on the Grand Square.

Jeannette Maw and I will be talking about the grand square, AKA the grand cross, the current astro in the night sky. This cross is formed by two oppositions and four squares. In Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) it is a dynamic activation that can be leveraged for authentic growth and change.

To brush up on what transits are and how to spot them in your chart, here are two short tutorials, Transits part 1 and part 2.

If we aren’t sure what we’re meant to ‘do’ at this time, this powerful transit can help us pinpoint where we are ‘up’ for transformation, balancing and alignment. What houses are activated in your chart? What planets?

Tune in and learn more about where this energy is activating your life. Bring your charts, and make sure they are up on the GVA forum with the link handy, so all can see. To do so, become an Open Member (it’s free) and post your chart in the Gallery. Tutorials here on how to.

January 14/15 2014
LA – Tue – 3pm
NY – Tue – 6pm
LON – Tue- 11pm
SYD – Wed – 10am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

Or dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

See you there! xxKim