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Ceremony of the Sun, by Michael Parkes

Ceremony of the Sun, by Michael Parkes

Astro-LOA Tip of the week: As the Moon wanes, the grand square takes on a new form – one linking the goddesses of ‘fortune’. Now we find the Greek Fortuna and the Roman Venus and Tyche linked to Mars and the wild god, Pan. What does this mean?

A golden opportunity to cleanse and activate your ‘fortune’ vibration.

Fortune will mean something different to each of us. Do you know what yours is? We might think of it as plenty of material comforts or financial opportunities, or travel or love or anything that makes us feel abundant. We might have an idea of what this is in the back of our minds, but this week’s astro invites you to bring it to the foreground, where it will be a stronger ally.

The goddesses of ‘fortune’ were linked to Fate, (from Latin fortuna “chance, fate, good luck,”). Fortuna/Tyche was worshiped more as fate in this life (as opposed to the fate of death) and seen as having control over the lands, oceans, wars and wise counselors. This is a lot of territory!

By engaging in the vibration of ‘fortune’, whatever that means to each of us, this powerful configuration is honored and activated in a creative way. How to engage? First, know what ‘fortune’ is to you. You might want to drill down until you reach to feeling it truly represents. We’ve played with this exercise before, but I find it useful to revisit.

1) What does your fortune to look like?

(Thank you Jeannette Maw for this exercise) It might be financial security. Or I want a great career. Or, I want to be in a love of my life relationship. You choose one or more statements to work with. Saying simply what you want your fortune to be.

And then you ask, Why do I want that? Each time you answer, you again ask ‘why do I want that? Here is an example. (your statement and answers will be different of course)

I want financial security!
Why do I want that?

So I can keep writing and pay the bills
Why do I want that?

So I can feel of value
Why do I want that?

So I can live in peace.

Peace. That’s what I’m really after. Gaining financial security but not having peace isn’t going to make me happy. Financial security, a great career, abundance, all these ideas of our fortune are just energy, an idea, but what I really want is to feel peace.

Do this exercise so you can get a few key beliefs about what you really want. They generally are very core, like peace, love, fulfillment, happiness.

With so much activation of the ‘fortune’ vibration, now’s the time to leverage this magnificent energy.

Tips: Appreciate ALL the fortune you have, right here, right now, in this red hot moment! – Jeannette Maw

Here are some fabulous activation posts from Jeannette, the GoodVibeCoach:All you have to do is read them an by the end, the vibration is all lit up!

You can also note where this ‘Fortune Cardinal Cross’ is in your chart and activate activities of these houses, or any planets in aspect.

Comments welcome. I’d love to hear about your Fortune!