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Ariadne by John Waterhouse 1898

Astro-LOA Flash: Welcome the dark, Balsamic phase of the moon as she wanes, growing smaller and smaller until the New Moon on the 30th where we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse. We’ll write more on that before the event, but for now, it’s all about Rest, relaxation, unwinding and allowing. All your ‘float down stream’ thoughts are imbibed with super powers during this phase, so listen to your body, recuperate and refresh.

Tips: If you want insight into why rest and allowing can be so good for you, check out Jeannette Maw’s post, Why Your Next Lover Wants You to Get Some Sleep. Shhhh. Dark moon, that means quiet.

You might find walks in nature, meditation, listening to music and long soaks in the bath helpful. Any other ideas? How do you recuperate?