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Chines Running Horses by Mojun Da

Welcome Chinese New Year! It’s one of the most exciting New Moons of 2014 and bodes well for an empowered, future.

Much like the western zodiac sign of Gemini, the Horse year puts an emphasis on intelligence, quick wit, social connections, gregariousness and high energy activities. Horse loves freedom and closeness, and they responds to a carefree, easy going approach. Horse supports an open-minded nature that will lead us beyond limitations of cultural norms.

Think of the words associated with the horse. We measure engines in terms of horse power, and if we’re productive, we’re called a work horse. If we like to have fun, we might be said to horse around, and nothing’s going to change if we try and beat a dead horse. These equine metaphors speak to the strength, power and playful nature of this year, and also the insight to know when something is ‘over’ and it’s time to let go.

How to leverage the Horse year?

Opening new lines of communication, allowing yourself more freedom AND closeness, own your power, confidence and physicality, including sexuality, and appreciating your emotional and spiritual strength as well. Key words might be: empowered, free spirited, wild at heart, endurance.

See also Mommy Mystics detailed post Energy and Action in the Year of the Horse.

Any other ideas? Post in the comments please!

AriesARIES: The Chinese New Year New Moon is in your 11th house, the realm of friends, associates and like-minded others. Who is it you spend most your time with? Are they in alignment with your hopes and wishes for the future? We are often reflected in our friends. Choose wisely. This year is about leading the group to new destinations.

TaurusTAURUS: Your 10th house of career, mission and profession is lit up by the Chinese New Year New Moon. With the last moments of the South Node in Taurus, you’ll feel a shift from hesitation to action, shyness to boldness. There are choices to make where big results come from taking big risks. The more authentic you are, the more you’ll succeed.

GeminiGEMINI: You are so aligned with the Horse year! Your desire to expand your horizons in new and ingenious ways is written across the sky. What’s holding you back? A container for your wild and vivid imagination! If your day-to-day work isn’t allowing for the dream-come-true living, something’s gotta give. Now. Put your whole heart into it!

CancerCANCER: The Chinese New Year New moon is in your 8th house of merged energy, intense collaborations and emotional risks. This is the time to take a fresh look at your resources and how you share them with others. With Jupiter in your home sign, expansion is on the cards and you won’t be going it alone. Look in. Take responsibility. Evolve.

LeoLEO: Chinese New Year of the Horse is asking you to find resolution, declaration and decisions when it comes to personal, one-to-one relationships. The hitch is in a conflict between inner life and outer world, home-job or creativity-family. If at odds, untangle, sort, release. Horse supports you when you make room for freedom and closeness, autonomy and connections.

VirgoVIRGO: Chinese New Year New Moon in your home sector 6th house puts a bright clean light on your day-today activities, health, fitness, awareness of your will and ‘ways you make things happen’. Think magical powers! This is a year of power choices. Like how you feel = keep. Don’t like how you feel =  release. Sift, sort and declutter for tremendous results.

LibraLIBRA: Creative inspiration is welling up with the Chinese New Year New Moon in you 5th house. It’s romantic too, be it with a new sweetie, an old flame or a desired one of the ones just around the corner. Unleash your playful spirit. Remember, Horse is gregarious and carefree, empowered by plenty of room to roam. 2014 is absolutely perfect to let the good time roll!

ScorpioSCORPIO: Focus is at the roots of your being this year, authentic and empowering. No matter how much others try to drag you out into the limelight, you’ll need some inner space to process and reflect in the privacy of your home or art studio. Spend time on repairs and renovations, family and notions of prosperity together, with those you love. From there, the tree grows strong.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: In the Year of the Horse, communication can expand in all directions through the written and spoken word. It’s important that you say what you mean and mean what you say because people are listening. They’ll be quoting you as well! Learning, peer teaching, community projects and publishing may also be on your to-do list. The sky is the limit so think big!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Chinese New Year New Moon in the financial sector can be exciting news for $$$ and resources. Self-worth rises and as you value and appreciate everything around you, life blossoms in amazing ways. It’s also a time to look at your core values and get a feeling for which you are living out and which are suppressed. Goal for the year: be authentic!

AquariusAQUARIUS: This is your personal New Moon that comes once a year and as the official start to Chinese New Year, it has emphasis for the next twelve months. See it as a reminder to keep moving forward with your highest excitement, honoring the goal to become everything you can possibly be. Look to your current career, relationship and family life for clues. What makes you smile.

piscesPISCES: The Chinese New Year New Moon is in your mystical 12th house, filling your head full of dreams and romantic notions for the future! It’s excellent for inner guidance and intuition. These are the landscapes of the imagination that create your life as you know it. Dream big, wide and fabulous, and while you’re at it, release resistance to whatever gets in the way. Magic!

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