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Serpiente alquimica – Ourorboros

Astro-LOA Flash: After close to two years in the sign of Scorpio, the North Lunar Node (which moves in a retrograde direction) has transited into the sign of Libra.

Think ‘personal relationship and the perspective gained from collaboration, sharing and working together.’

For a recorded discussion of the nodes, go to Free Astro-LOA at GoodVibeAstrology.com

Because the South Lunar Node is always directly opposite of the North, it has moved from the sign of Taurus to Aries. The balance we are creating is between the ‘I am’ and the ‘we are’. Where there is aggression, we can find compassion. Where there is self-denial, we can gain independence and distinction. Look to 29 Aries and Libra are in you chart to see the houses, or areas of life, to focus on. No rush. We have this polarity activated for the next 18 months.

The Nodes represent a cycle of energy – The North Lunar Node, the Dragon’s Head or Caput Draconis, draws us toward new horizons of experience. It represents the areas of life where we can, with conscious effort and choice, break new ground and obtain valuable new experiences. Like the Sun, exalted in Aries, the North Lunar Node, when approached with courage, awareness and a sense of new possibilities, brings consciousness and growth. It can be our highest excitement!

The and the South Lunar Node, also known as the Dragon’s Tail or Cauda Draconis, draws us into the ‘past’. This represents instinctive desires that call us back to a place where we feel, if not comfortable, at least familiar. Like the Moon and her association with intuitive impulses, the South Lunar Node can operate without conscious volition. It is an instinctive response.

Howard Sasportas put it like this: “Pretend you are going on a trip and you have your bag ready to pack. The South Node represents everything you have included for your journey; the North Node represents the things you gain along the way.” I love that metaphor!

In terms of deliberate creation, the Nodes can show us where we might be resisting out next big thing, offering ideas of how to release fears and attachments to outcome so we can live our most fulfilling and happy lives.

Astro-LOA Tip of the week from Jeannette Maw: When you want to manifest something new, there’s a powerful question to answer that paves the way there. What does it feel like (to have it)?

NOTE: I often see the Nodes, activated by transits, synastry or relocation, representing people. In other words, the message of the Nodes is usually delivered by a compelling (or repelling-but-memorable) other. Something to keep in mind!

Let me know your recent experiences. Where is this shift in your chart? What have you noticed so far? How do you use the chart to find relief?