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Walking in the Rain by Tomfans

Astro-LOA Flash: Venus into its sign of exaltation, Pisces, and Mercury over the Zero Degree Aries Point this week makes for a pre-eclipse energy shift.

You want to limber up for this one. It’s about letting go of any grudge matches or the desire to settle an old score or ‘make things right.’ Instead, think of automatic clean slates.

The more you grant them, the freer and more fabulous your life will feel. Can you pre-pave that now? It does a world of good!

VENUS INTO PISCES times (for those who’ve been asking!)
LA – Saturday- 1:30 PM
NY– Saturday – 4:30 PM
LON– Saturday – 9:30 PM
SYD – Sunday – 6:30 AM

NOTE: Venus glides into the sign of Pisces this weekend, her sign of exaltation. Here she blends personal love with compassion, and the desire for intimacy with freedom of the spirit. Growth comes through openness and understanding. Again, compassion. Her element now is water, fluid, weightless, yielding. Through the sign of Pisces, we see in the ‘other’ a piece of our own heart.

How does this happen, this forgetting ourselves to ‘be with’ another? For example, why are we, as a species, able to override our most powerful instinct for survival and risk our lives to save a total stranger?

To have compassion for an ‘other’ we have to believe that what is happening to them is happening to us.

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote on this topic (not well received by his peers at the time, btw). He felt that the reason we are willing to give up our lives for another we don’t even know is because in that moment of risk we make no distinction between them and us. We experience the oneness of all life.

Venus in Pisces can help us get in touch with the sense of oneness, the thread that connects us to everything that ever was, is or will be. These next 25 days are excellent for getting in touch with our links to life, the environment, Mother Earth, and every rock, river, tree, forest, creature and being in our world. It’s also a great time to ‘do’ something to contribute. Participate. I’m an IS Foundation girl. What’s your favourite way to nurture, give back to and uplift the planet?

And where is Venus transiting through Pisces is in your chart? Expect major attractions there, connection and abundance . . . even the sweet rush of love. Enjoy!


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