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Hi everyone,

Our next course at GVA is called Transform with Transits. It’s a 10 week – 10 call exploration of the planetary transits and how they can boost your deliberate creation, get you in line with your authentic core values and give you the savvy to work and play with the energy at hand instead of resisting, or struggling against it. It’s a much better way to fly! (check out the introduction to transits video tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 here).

On week one, we start with the Moon, the ‘planet’ that transits everything in your natal chart every month. From there, each week we’ll build out through the solar system until we reach Pluto and beyond. We cover transits and progressions, orbs, timing, predictive techniques but mostly how to leverage the energy of each transit to work with your natural evolution, not against it.

On each call, we’ll be using your charts as examples (for those who would like to) and of course the course forum will be covering all the Q’s and A’s.

Transits of the Moon and what they need, want and have to offer

Transits of the Moon and what they can offer you

Join me and Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach for a fabulous learning experience with Transform with Transits, or just keep dropping in to the 11th house Blog for snippets and highlights.