Any of you who have read my novella, Blood and Water, or my Ava Sykes post . . or Amassia updates, are going to know why this from Symbol reader has me all kinds of lit up! Fabulous imagery, topic and reflections. Thank you!



John William Waterhouse, “The Siren”

Reading the Odyssey in a superb translation of Robert Fitzgerald is like listening to the most delightful music. No interpretation can possibly replace the sheer pleasure of experiencing Homer’s talent. The opening lines of Book XII read:

 “The ship sailed on, out of the Ocean Stream,

riding a long swell on the open sea

for the Island of Aiaia.

Summering Dawn

has dancing grounds there, and the Sun his rising;

but still by night we beached on a sand shelf

and waded in beyond the line of breakers

to fall asleep, awaiting the Day Star.”

On the island of Aiaia, Circe receives Odysseus and his companions, who have returned from Hades, with a lavish banquet. Later at night she tells Odysseus in great detail about his next adventures, what perils await him and what precautions he must take. It seems that at this moment Odysseus…

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