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Goddess Athene - Clarity - Spirit of Women Australian Wildflower Essence

Goddess Athene – Clarity – Spirit of Women Australian Wildflower Essence

Hi Everyone,

Some of you know I’m in the last two weeks of completing my Masters Degree, which explains the scarcity of posts this month. But, I’m nearly there, and taking a moment off to share an Astro-LOA Flash for the Weekend: Pallas Athene into Virgo!

Each of the FOUR MAJOR asteroid goddesses  (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athene) represents an aspect of the feminine—an aspect of inner relationship to the anima—that is meaningful to both men and women. When strong by house placement, sign or aspect in the chart and especially when linked with an inner planet or angle, greater understanding of our relationship needs can be gained by their study.

Ah, would that flashing-eyed Athena might choose to love thee even as then she cared exceedingly for glorious Odysseus [220] in the land of the Trojans, where we Achaeans suffered woes. For never yet have I seen the gods so manifestly shewing love, as Pallas Athena did to him, standing manifest by his side. If she would be pleased to love thee in such wise and would care for thee at heart, then would many a one of them utterly forget marriage.” –Apollodorus

Athene’s brand of love is protective, supportive and reportedly asexual. At heart, she is very much her father’s daughter. Leaping from the wound in Zeus’s head after Hephaestus, or perhaps Prometheus, split it with an axe, Athene was born full grown, dressed in golden armor and screaming a war cry. She proceeded to protect heroic men, guard the city of Athens and was worshiped as the goddess of war-craft, strategy, craftsmanship and wisdom. Unlike other Olympians, Athene was completely trusted by her father Zeus. She even got to use his thunderbolts and aegis. She holds no resentment towards him for swallowing whole her mother Metis, goddess of wisdom, and seems to reserve her attachments and allegiance to the king of the gods alone. Daddy’s girl, but oh boy is she strong!

Born without a mother, Pallas Athene is in some ways a magnificent and beautiful extension of Zeus (Jupiter, expansion, optimism, new possibilities), representing pure intellect untouched and uncontaminated by the body. His favorite child, Zeus indulges her every wish, even in the face of censure from the other Olympians. She is often depicted with a crested helm, shield and spear, and wearing the snake-trimmed aigis cloak wrapped around her breast and arm, adorned with the head of the Gorgon (more snakes – transformation). She’s also linked the the owl (wisdom). Read more about Athene and Medusa here.

Just as Pluto/Hades may be seen as a phallic representation of the matriarchal principal of death and regeneration, so Athene may embody a female image of the masculine principals of rational thinking, will and intellect. She is a representation of objectivity, fairness and justice (very Libra like, in this way). The power of her sword is as keen as the cutting edge of her mind and she was often called to arbitrate disputes, her impartial decisions being final. Athene takes us out of the world of raw instinct and desire, educating us to the realm of objective thought, unbiased choice and organized strategy. Pallas Athene, although regarded as femininely beautiful, is an androgynous figure, a goddess at home in the masculine realm. Athene was also adamantly celebrate.

Her avoidance of sexual intimacy with men, women or gods is a contrast to other “virgin” goddesses who, although they aligned themselves with no man, they still enjoyed the passions of lovemaking and rearing the resultant offspring. Athene, by most accounts, never gave birth and had no direct descendent. Although she shunned intimacy, she was loved and pursued by Helios, Hephaestus and some say Hercules. None of these gods or men won her over, and never, it seems, did Eros or Aphrodite cause her to fall in love, at least not in the traditional sense. Interesting!

But, Athene was passionate about her crafts, battles and the heroes she protected. She is reported to have transformed the blood of Medusa into a healing potion and is associated with the medicinal arts. Creative, multi-talented and dedicated, Athene may not lay with man/woman or god, but she does not withdraw from them either. She seeks the company of men in particular and relates to them as their divine counselor, protector and guide.

As Athene ingresses into the sign of earthy, sensual Virgo, she ignites Cor Regulus, the heart of the lion, representing courage, integrity and strength, our insights brim with life. New possibilities are seen and where there was chaos, a path through the forest appears. Think about where you have 0 degrees of Virgo in your chart. The house, angle or planet(s) you find there represents your wellspring of insights, objectivity and integrity – the perfect place to initiate Jeannette Maw’s practice of Pre-Paving. Also, think of this energy as acting on the body, squaring your shoulders, lengthening your spine and giving you that “wonder woman” stance, invincible, empowered, undaunted.

Where is Athene at 0 Virgo in your chart? What are you planning for? Comments and questions welcome.

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