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Mihai Criste

Sunflower by Mihai Criste

Astro-LOA Flash for the day: The Sun shines brightly in Gemini while ruling Mercury slows way down, ready to turn retrograde opposite asteroid Karma. You want to engage in some timely self-reflection. Take a moment or two out of this day and ask: 1) where am I heading? 2) who do I love? 3) how can I participate?

Over at GoodVibeAstrology.com we’re talking about the Mercury Rx zone in the Transform with Transits course. (Note, we’re in it!). Check out where the sun is in your chart as it moves into Gemini, and where the Mercury Rx zone is asking you to review, reflect, rethink and remind yourself of who you are.

The Mercury Rx Zone. Thank you Cafe Astrology!

Cafe Astrology's Mercury Rx Zone and times

Cafe Astrology’s Mercury Rx Zone and times

Put your brilliant ideas to work! ❤ Have a great day, everyone! xoxox ❤