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Book of Books by Vladamir Kush

Book of Books by Vladamir Kush

With the New Moon in Gemini trine Mars in Libra think fresh ides, insights and of course, a powerful backdrop to set new intentions. It also falls into the ‘Gemini decanate’, meaning it’s talkative, curious and flighty, all about multitasking. The fluid and flexible, quicksilver, eternal student is unleashed.

Gemini says, “Lets TALK” and this new moon is all about the conversation. To add dazzle, mystery and intrigue, it is also square Neptune, the unseen real, what lies behind the veil. Things may not be all that they seem, or what people say they are. Double takes required.

Everything that deceives may be said to enchant. – Plato

LA  – Wed  – 11:41 am
NY  – Wed  –  2:41 pm
Lon – Wed  –  7:41 pm
SYD – Thur –  4:41 am

The Gemini new moon asks us to think about the brainstorm, the free flow of ideas, the absences of judgment, the potential for something original to rise from the recombination of pre-loved ideas. This is not gossip, Q & A, dictation, dissertation or denouncement. It’s not teaching or learning in any traditional sense. This is Open Mind, and in Gemini, it’s a journey for two, one that can bring lasting transformation.

To amp this process up even more, look to where 7 degrees of Gemini is in your natal chart and immerse yourself in the environment of that house. Not sure how to find the transit? Here is a tutorial. If all efforts still have you scratching your head, ask for help in the comments. I, or another savvy member of the 11th House will help.

Happy New Moon, Everyone. I’d love to hear about the conversations, brainstorms and new intentions!

AriesARIES/Moon in the 3rd house: Reevaluate all modes of communication beginning with internet server plan, hardware, software then leading to your own voice. How are you using it? Suggestions: Start a new course of study, join a community project, get friendly with the written or spoken word. Ask: is there anything you’d like to learn?

TaurusTAURUS/Moon in the 2nd house: Go over the taxes, current invoices and bills. No, it’s not boring; it’s practical. Get your financial world in order. Suggestions: Indulge yourself in all things sensual — baths, long walks in nature, massage, fine food, enlightening vistas. Ask: Do you know your world perfectly by touch?

GeminiGEMINI/Moon in the 1st house: Time to rethink the shop window. Is your wardrobe, hair style and way of being in the world a match to the current you? Suggestions: This is a new chapter in your life. Open the door to your dreams by showing up!Say YES! Ask: is your life an accurate reflection of who you want to be?

CancerCANCER/Moon in the 12th house: This moon is about letting your Ego step aside, for a moment, and allowing for your compassion to unfold without limits or judgments. Suggestions: Commune with your unconscious. Take time to record and reflect on your dreams. Ask: are you deep in the well of your creative heart?

LeoLEO/Moon in the 11th house: The focus is on your goals for the future and who it is that travels with you on the journey. Stop and check the crowd! Suggestions: Remember friends and like minded others are a source of inspiration. Hang out with your own kind! Ask: Is everything in my life a true match for me?

VirgoVIRGO/Moon in the 10th house: Social identity, mission, profession gets a thorough makeover as the career takes a turn for the better (in the long run). Think more responsibility for greater rewards. Suggestions: You have to LOVE what you do to make it sing! Ask: Does your work life make you smile?

LibraLIBRA/Moon in the 9th house: New horizons are going to bring fresh insights. You gain inner perspective by going off the beaten path. Suggestions: Take your mind, body or spirit somewhere it’s never been before—meditate, travel, read, expand. Ask: are you holding yourself back from your real dreams?

ScorpioSCORPIO/Moon in the 8th house: Revelations flood in when it comes to shared resources and co-creations. You are making big changes in this area of life. Suggestions: Intimacy and intensity is what will light your fire now. Go ahead and take a risk. Ask: are you playing it safe with your emotions or setting them free?

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS/Moon in the 7th house: The Eclipse is all about re-visioning your relationships so they are an authentic match to you! You’ll be seeing much clearer at this time. Suggestions: be honest with yourself about what you want. Ask: do you feel free to be who you are with loved ones? If not, why not?

CapricornCAPRICORN/Moon in the 6th house: If you’ve been on auto-pilot, it’s time to stop and take charge of your vessel! ie make choices that resonate with who you are right now and where you want to go. Suggestions: Put energy into the body, health and physical well-being! Ask: are you getting enough exercise?

AquariusAQUARIUS/Moon in the 5th house: This eclipse activates your child-like spirit of joy. Will you take her out to play? Suggestions: Creativity and healing springs from a well of romance. Think dates, moves, dinners, walks under the stars. Entertain, and be entertained! Ask: are you allowing for love in and out of your heart?

piscesPISCES/Moon in the 4th house: Time to sort out the schism between career goals and aspirations AND your home life sanctuary. Remember, you can honor both! Suggestions: Clean the house, wash the windows, clear the air, especially with family and siblings. Ask: is your home a true reflection of you? Is your career?

Have a wonderful New Moon, all!