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Awakening by Maja Sommersted

I’m posting the notes for the Transform with Transits call here as a few people where having trouble downloading them. This is all basic info on Uranus, to get us started.

Think of Uranus as one of the most exciting planets to work with in deliberate creation as this is where we blast through glass ceilings and break out of limiting beliefs! It’s insanely powerful energy!

Uranus has an eccentric orbit between Saturn and Neptune, taking 84 years to make one complete journey around the sun (on complete journey through the Zodiac). He rules Aquarius and is exalted in Scorpio.

He spends 7 years in each sign (where we get the saying, “the 7 year itch,” and represents a desire for freedom, independence, individuation, originality, eccentricity, unconventionality, and the relentless breaking out of fixed cultural and social paradigms.

Basically, he’s a rebellion waiting to happen, and he doesn’t wait long.

He rules all things sudden, unexpected, erratic and unpredictable.

Being slow moving, the house position is very important as it will be more personal. The sign shows is nature of our individuality, our drive for uniqueness, and the way we break free of limitations and cultural restraints. The house shows where we experience unexpected changes and the chance to grow as an individual. It’s where things tend to get ‘weird’.

Uranus has a very extreme orbit, the tilt of the axis being so extreme (see image below) it alternates between periods of 21 years of night in the northern hemisphere (21 years of day in the south, with 21 years of more normal night and day (no doubt the model for George R R Martin’s world building in Game of Thrones) . . .  It’s all in the tilt of the axis.

The natal position of Uranus tells us where we can be “night and day”, individualistic, nonconforming, high-spirited and inventive (and sometimes radical, willful and detached). Aspects to Uranus bring these qualities out and you can imagine that the mix more harmoniously with, say Mars than they do with Moon or Venus.

By transit, Uranus Awakens. This energy coincides with changing the status quo, blasting us through glass ceilings, limitations and ruts. It’s a renewal and when we are open to change, its powerfully transformational.

It’s also powerfully transformational when we resist change, but the sensations are more of disruption that thrill. It’s all in how we perceive the energy! There is a fine line with Uranus between eccentric and unstable.

Note: If you want to see quickly were a client is feeling stuck, burdened or limited, note where Saturn is by transit. If you want to see where life is changing, throwing up radical new challenges, look to Uranus. Just spotting the houses these planets are transiting, and looking to the natal to see how comfortable they are with these containing and releasing energies can identify their biggest key to getting life on track. We build with Saturn, releasing old limitations/stories, and we awaken and evolve with Uranus, freeing up the past and setting new goals.

Remember: Uranus is the great awakener. Flow with the energy for the highest results!