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the keeper of secrets (oil on canvas) by Crispin Korschen

the keeper of secrets (oil on canvas) by Crispin Korschen

Astro-LOA Tip O’ the Month launches with Mercury Direct. Oh boy! Give the trickster planet a few days to get revved up before making big decisions, but you’ll feel an increased surety and focus right away. For major events and declarations, go for it with Mercury out of the ‘shadow zone’ – July 15th.

Between now and then, take into account your reflections, insights and understandings gained over the last three weeks. What have you learned from any delays, down time, or disruptions? Have eyes for the gifts!

On the 12th, Mercury is into Cancer again, bringing to light a situation or challenge from early June. Now it’s much more obvious how to proceed.

The Full moon at 20 Capricorn is a wonderful time to exhale, forget about all the plates you have spinning, and let go. You could drop a toleration or two, a grudge or a limiting belief. It’s like an elixir. Really!(Asteroid Icarus at 3 Capricorn, opposite Mercury and the Moon supports this toleration release!)

A wonderful ingress this month is on the 16th when Jupiter makes his once every 12 year sojourn into Leo. Think big heart, massive creative inspiration and full, magnanimous generosity. It’s playful and dramatic. You want to have fun with this for the next year! Check where Leo reigns in your natal chart for insights and a party plan. Jupiter boosts the spirits and instills confidence, an important component in any deliberate creations.

The power of the vibrations of confidence, commitment and belief . . . can turn dark horses into champions, long shots into heroes and underdogs into top dogs.Jeannette Maw

On the 18th, Venus into Cancer turns passion into compassion. You’ll want to demonstrate your ‘caring’ core value in whatever area of life you have this sign. For example, 11th house is caring for friends, 7th house, nurturing committed/biz partnerships, 6th house, pets . . . where’s yours? On the 22nd, the Sun is into Leo, following the path pre-paved by Jupiter, and catching up on the 24th, a rocking day to expand your goals and explore new horizons. Whatever excites you today is a go!

Note: Changes of direction: July 20th sees Saturn turn Direct at 16 Scorpio. This is stabilizing, with increased ambition to accomplish what was started in November 2013. July 21 Uranus turns retrograde at 16 Aries and will journey ‘backwards’ until Dec 22, 2014. Uranus represents the urge to change and disrupt any ingrained, limiting habit patterns. The Rx period represents a more settled time where what we put in motion in March/April 2014 will start to show results. The rebel takes 5.

Mars is into Scorpio on the 25th where he will squares the Leo New Moon. The power to cut out old habit patterns that no longer serve, and to focus on a powerful, life changing intention is yours. Put your mind to it for incredible results.

Mercury, zipping forward now at supersonic speed, enters Leo, reactivating the recent energy of Jupiter into this sign. What you set in motion mid-month is going to blast off in August! Amazing!

Have a wonderful July!