This post by the Symbolreader is perfect for today’s Transform with Transits call on Pluto – an archetype of hidden, and not so hidden power.
“The roots of true power are indestructible and accessible to all.”
Thank you, Monika!



Paul Kane, “Mount St Helens Erupting at Night”

“Business has defeated everything in its path. Its last enemies are the oldest: it is still defied by the ancient Gods of blood revenge, territorial tribalism and the strangely recurrent death struggles between genders, as well as by the untamed divinities of nature – the oceans, the deserts, the magma at the earth’s core and the powers of storm and rain. They alone remain to affront and disrupt the power of business.”

James Hillman, “Kinds of Power”

Before I started reading James Hillman’s Kinds of Power I tried to ponder and intuit what power means for me. For me the most tremendous kind of power is the kind that is born in the darkest core of nature, the pulsating hidden geyser of power we all carry within, whether we are high profile politicians, businesspeople or celebrities or the powerless have-nots, victims of…

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