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Achaemenid Gold Lion

Achaemenid Gold Lion

The New Moon in Leo brings the brightness of the primary alchemical goal, the turning of lead (the undifferentiated self) to gold (individuated consciousness). Jupiter conjunct the sun (which fuels everything in the chart – learn more about the sun’s transits here) is boosting the energy sky high, so take advantage of this once every 12 year connection in Leo. Think: What intentions will I set?

On an inner level, the new moon lights up the heart chakra, the anahata chakra. It means unhurt, un-struck, unbeaten. Here is something more than optimism or hope. It is the reality of well being each of us hold in the center of our hearts. Tap into that strength.

The New Moon at 3 Leo conjuncts Talitha, a binary star in Ursa Major representing heart, strength and compassion. With this energy, we look into the heart of the matter which takes courage, integrity and power, all attributes of the Lion. The natural seat of Leo is the fifth house, ruling creative self-expression as in children of the body, mind and spirit including offspring, creative play, literary works, dance, music, drama, love affairs and speculation. Where we find this new moon in our own chart is where we will express boldly, dramatically and with strong intentions of the heart. Set yours now! Sign by sign zodiac hints below.

NEW MOON @3 LEO 51′ July 26/27th
LA  – Saturday – 3:42 pm
NY  – Saturday – 6:42 pm
LON – Saturday -11:42 pm
SYD – Sunday – 8:42 am

AriesARIES: The Leo New Moon is all about play this month. Are you getting enough of it? No matter how focused you are on goals, relationships and intentions, the feeling of playfulness is what will make dreams come true. Lighten up. Live it up, and have some fun! Healing through creative pleasure.

TaurusTAURUS: This month you want to be queen/king of your castle, no exceptions. This is not a time for democracy but strong and potent rulership. There are decisions to make around the home/family/nurturing environment and your opinion needs to be truly your own. Healing through love of all that surrounds and protects.

GeminiGEMINI: New Moon in your communications sector along with the Sun and Jupiter has you flat out writing, speaking, teaching, talking, sharing. It could be a month of negotiations and new contracts and what’s up with the siblings? There’s a nonstop smile on your face! Healing through written or verbal expression.

CancerCANCER: This month the New Moon is in your money house so tune in and get your values and $$ vibe straight. What is your relationship to moolah? Are you friends? Competitors? Combatants? If you want money to love you, make the first move! Healing through complete and unconditional self-love.

LeoLEO: Your personal New Moon is all about putting yourself out there in the world and receiving appreciation well deserved. It begins at the core, the heart of your life – relationships, career, home and Self. Feel free to run, hunt, race and roar! Healing through deep, authentic and engaging interactions.

VirgoVIRGO: This is your New Moon of quietude. It’s about dreams and imagination, immersion and loosening of boundaries. You feel more sensitive, more compassionate and more willing to serve or speak for those who have been muted. Explore the inner creative world. Healing through compassion for all life.

LibraLIBRA: The New Moon is in your house of friends, associates, groups and like-minded others. Connection there inspires your hopes and expands your desires for the future. This is a ‘joining’ moon where you gravitate to where you feel the greatest sense of belonging. Healing through community.

ScorpioSCORPIO: Your career sector and public image is lit by this powerful New Moon. You reassess your professional goals and think through the plans you’ve put into place. There is a desire to expand in this area of life and this moon supports clearing of any gremlins in the works. Healing through unabashed self respect.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The New Moon fires up your favorite house – travel and expansion! This is where you take your mind, body or spirit to places it’s never been via education, journeys, meditation, and vision. Freedom and stimulation are the goals, with joy of heart. Healing through explorations into the unknown.

CapricornCAPRICORN: New Moon in your house of shared resources opens the doors to new ways of relating, creating and being. This shines the light on intimacy, sex and co-creations. Set intentions clearly here, knowing exactly what you want to experience. Think tantra! Healing through the shared heart.

AquariusAQUARIUS: Relationship and personal one-to-one unions bask in the light of this New Moon. It’s not about creating distance, or delineations or reasons. It’s not in the mind but the heart. So go to a place where you feel safe enough to let the guard down and ask for what you really want. Healing through collaboration.

piscesPISCES: This New Moon is in the house of magic, the place where your will (desires) are manifested. Thoughts are important now and you get to check in on how you THINK about your body, your work, your home, your likes and dislikes. Are the thoughts helpful? If not, why not? Healing through daily appreciation.

Have a wonderful New MOON Everyone and let us know where this is happening for you.