The Symbolreader considers what is ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ according to Vedanta. My deliberate creation friends will find this relevant, especially ideas about Self and non-self. Thank you, Monika!


“As I recalled Bhagavan saying sometimes that unreal (mithya, imaginary) and real (satyam) mean the same, but did not quite understand, I asked him about it. He said, ‘Yes, I do sometimes say that. What do you mean by real? What is it that you call real?’

I answered: “According to Vedanta, only that which is permanent and unchanging can be called real. That is the meaning of Reality.”

Then Bhagavan said: “The names and forms which constitute the world continually change and perish and are therefore called unreal. It is unreal (imaginary) to limit the Self to these names and forms and real to regard all as the Self. The non-dualist says that the world is unreal, but he also says, ‘All this is Brahman’. So it is clear that what he condemns is, regarding the world as objectively real in itself, not regarding it as Brahman. He who…

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