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Ritual magic is archetypal in that it is found in all cultures, in all places and in all times. From ancient Egypt, Africa, the Americas, Europe, Pacific Islands, India, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan . . . all the tribes of humanity practice it. Some forms of magic include:

  • magic words spoken aloud or written down
  • use of objects or images to focus intention
  • participation with nature, animals and elements
  • use of symbols, words and phrases to invoke the help of spirits guides
  • keeping a grimoire (a cookbook of spells, thoughts, desires, intentions, insights . . .)

Notice something here? This list could easily be from Law of Attraction Basics, or tips for deliberate creation such as scripting, affirmations, focus wheels, spending time in nature, Astro-LOA and Pray Rain Journals. Given the popularity of LOA, it’s surprising the connection with ritual magic isn’t made more often. (For more on this read the Good Vibe Blog post Spell Casting for Deliberate creators.)

If law of attraction is a kind of ‘magic for the masses’, what about those love spells? Do they work? Yes. Do we like the results? Actually, no. A spell that puts us in alignment with our authentic desires is fortifying. A spell that tries to fit square pegs into round holes backfires, every time. So what about the title of this post? The only Love Spell that Works?

There is only one love spell that won’t backfire – that’s the love spell we put on ourselves.

Most of our relationship, or lack of relationship, issues rise from an absence of self-love. As Jeannette Maw says, “The universe can only be as good to you as you are to yourself,” and face it, we aren’t always that supportive. Think about your self talk when you look in the mirror. Are you your own best cheering squad, or do you list the faults and things that need to be ‘fixed’? What about at work? In your creativity? Your daily routine? When you lay awake at night, are you thinking of the things that went right or ‘wrong’? Most of us are in the habit of self judgment, criticism and denigration. Just imagine what signal that sends to the universe? It’s a spell that conjures more of what we don’t want.

But there is a way to turn it around, a love spell that changes everything, from the inside out. There are a lot of them out there, spells that boost self-love, but here are two I found life changing:

Jeannette Maw’s Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

However you feel about yourself is what the world gives you so reinforce those loving thoughts.

1) For the next 30 days, every day before bed, look at yourself in the mirror and let the love, support and encouragement flow. It’s confronting, yes, so start with the easy stuff like, “you really handled that well today, when you . . .” Or, “I love the way you . . .” And work yourself up to some lovely, eye to eye, “I love you”.

2) Repeat – Every day. 30 days.

3) This spell will change your life like nothing you thought could!

Also you might like to thy Brad Yates’s Love Yourself Recording with EFT and a bit of hypnosis.

Practice every day (it takes ten minutes) for 40 days.

If you don’t take this time for yourself, how can you expect others to?

Now it’s your turn. Have any self-love/care/appreciation tips to share? I’d love to hear about them, and your results when you do these spells.