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Diary of Discoveries by Vladimir Kush

Diary of Discoveries by Vladimir Kush

The month of August begins in FIRE and WATER, which we know makes steam. There is a mix of creative enthusiasm, adventure and audacity (great for fueling ideas, goals and plans for the future) coupled with a pull toward introspection.

Find alignment by following paths that light you up, and taking time to reflect through meditation, journal writing and deeper conversations. Marry playfulness with receptivity.

On the 10th, the Full Moon in Aquarius brings a huge release of old energy. The T-Square with Saturn (old habits – new ambition) and applying Mars (urgency, action), along with the trine to Uranus (will to freedom) is a firecracker ready to light up the sky.

Use this by finding the objectivity of the Aquarius Moon (perspective) opposite the Sun (ego – creative purpose) and shed the thoughts, behaviors and patterns (people/jobs/beliefs) that no longer serve you. This month is perfect for releasing tolerations. Holding on to them, on the other hand, is going to sap your strength and stress your life. Jeanette Maw explains why:

I used to believe tolerance was a virtue, a trait to embrace. But it turns out a toleration isn’t necessarily good for your vibration. – Jeannette Maw

To tolerate something is to bear it, to put up with it, to ball and chain it to your life. Can you feel that vibration? The more we grit our teeth in toleration, the ‘worse’ things get. For us.

So how do you eliminate tolerations? Jeannette has quick tips (read the full article here):

1) identify tolerations – think through your physical environment, financial, relationships, personal health, body, creativity . . . where are you feeling stubbornness, jealousy, hard feelings, revenge, illness, obsession? Toleration generates these experiences.

2) make a list of your top ten ‘I have to put up with this‘ things. It might look like:

  • Hyper critical partner
  • Messy house mates
  • Boring job
  • Noisy neighbor . . .
  • No place to paint/write/sketch etc

Make your own list. Go for 10 to start.

3) release the tolerations, one by one.

How? Easy. Either :

1) eliminate them (break up, hire help, quit job, move house etc) OR
2) find a way to see the situation differently.

When you change your relationship to the tolerated thing so that it’s ‘no big deal’, in other words, when you take the charge off of it, it ceases to be an energy drain. Do this exercise before the full moon and as it comes into aspect, watch the tolerations lift. Your shoulders lighten and you breathe deeply again. Ahhhh . . .

On the 12th of August, Venus moves into Leo, putting three personal planets in this sign (Sun, Mercury, Venus) and the dazzling Jupiter. Where Leo resides in your chart is going to be party town and/or creative inspiration heaven, as long as you let go of those tolerations. If not, you’ll have a chance to see what they are doing to your energetic body, up close and personal.

If this does turn into crunch time, appreciate the front row seat on what isn’t in alignment with your core values. Remember, when we do something that aligns with one of our core values, we experience an infinite flow of energy. It feels like peace, abundance, joy. When we do something that is not an authentic value, we experience the opposite of bliss. Use the information of this week to identify where your alignment on and off kilter with your authentic self.

On the 15th Mercury goes into the home sign of Virgo along with the Sun on the 22nd. This shifts us into a little more of an EARTH vibe for the second half of the month. Practical activities, de-cluttering, sorting, ordering and examining and getting our hands into the earth, feeling the ground that supports us, and the sensuality of the body brings balance and peace. You’ll find a yoga practice, martial art, zumba, gym or swim routine, along with excellent eating habits and high levels of self care really support your alignment now.

New Moon on August 25th, at 2 Virgo, is going to be telling. The Mars/Saturn conjunction is spot on, pulling in Mercury sextile, Venus Square and Uranus inconjunct. Neptune is opposite this New Moon, offering a chance to glimpse infinite possibilities, if you have put in the reflection time, released tolerations and opened your mind to appreciating what is, right here, right now in this beautiful moment. From this place, you can set intentions for the up coming month of September, focusing on the core values of your Virgo house.


A steamy month of contrast, which serves your higher expansion, August brings the chance to release anything that’s weighing you down and open your life up to new possibilities. Utilize this energy, especially in the second half of the month, to turn lemons into lemonade. Make it a collaborative adventure!

Where are the key features of this month highlighting your chart? The Mars/Saturn conjunction at 17 Scorpio? The lovely conjunctions in Leo trine Uranus in Aries? Full and new moons? Share in the comments as the month unfolds!