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Equilibrio by Chelin Sanjuan

Astro-LOA Tip of the Week:

The full moon this week is pivotal when it comes to your ‘big picture,’ ie life path. See times below.

Sitting exact on the  Jupiter/North Node midpoint, the FM activates where you may:

1) release anxiety

2) drop limiting beliefs

3) move forward in a new-for-you direction.

If it all feels like chaos central, see if you can focus on one small step toward clarity. That might mean de-cluttering a drawer (symbolic of clearing the mind), taking a walk in nature, doing yoga, meditation, or putting on your fav music and dancing. (see Zen and the Zodiac for more ideas)

The point is, this energy WILL lead you onward and upward, when resistance is gone.

Ideas? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

FULL MOON @16 Pisces
LA – Monday – 6:38 pm
NY – Monday – 9:38 pm
LON – Tuesday – 2:38 am
SYD –Tuesday – 11:38 am

Jeannette’s notes on: Resistance vs. Allowing.

* * *

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Happy manifesting, and have a wonderful Full Moon!