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The Juggler, by Michael Parkes

Astro-LOA Flash: Mars into Sagittarius on the 13th/14th of September

LA –   Saturday –  2:56 pm
NY –   Saturday –  5:56 pm
LON – Saturday – 10:56 pm
SYD – Sunday –     7:56 am

Mars into Sagittarius is the talker, the traveling, the new opportunities maker. This is a restless, fire fueled energy that needs room to move.

It takes a strong Saturn presence to contain this brand of warrior and with the departing conjunction (when Saturn and Mars were together in Scorpio) there is a feeling of:

1) take what you know and DO something with it

2) allow for impulses and intuitive feelings

3) ask, “how can I be more independent, playful and free?”

You’re going to want to have a powerful and engaging physical channel for this mojo as well.

Mars into Saggo Checklist:

I am:

Feeling sexy
Expanding my horizons
Taking emotional risks
Saying it like it is
Feeling empowered in my physicality
Shooting arrows into the future
Appreciating everything
Excluding nothing

Yes, Mars is all about the action and in Saggo, it goes LARGE, but not all actions are create equal. Check what Jeannette Maw has to say about categories of action.

What’s your mantra for Mars into Sagittarius? Where is it lighting up your chart? I would love to hear about it!

Happy Mars into Sagittarius 🙂 xKim