Another excellent post from the Symbolreader. Thank you! The asteroid Juno is 20 Cancer today, conjunct my Uranus. What a wonderful surprise! Where’s the supreme mother goddess transiting in your chart today?



Erte, “Hera”

Before Her reign was overthrown as the Achaean tribes took over Greece Hera (Roman Juno) was the supreme mother goddess, a benevolent cow-eyed triple goddess of the earth and the sky, the creator of the Milky Way, which she painted in the heavens with the milk from her breasts. “As goddess of birth and death, of spring and autumn, Hera held the emblems, respectively, of a cuckoo and a pomegranate,” writes Patricia Monaghan. The chief god of her conquerors was Zeus. Naturally, his worshippers saw Hera’s widespread cult as a threat. An arranged (forced) marriage between the two deities seemed like an only solution. For Demetra George and many other contemporary devotees of the Goddess, Hera is “the image of the turbulent nation princess coerced, but never really subdued, by an alien conqueror. “ She may have been subdued, her old ways supplanted by the new patriarchal order…

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