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Circus Fantasy by Liza Paizis

The call recording is up on GVA. Thank you everyone for for joining in and offering your charts as examples.

This months free call – September 24th 6pm Eastern (USA) – over at GoodVibeAstrology.com is an introduction to our newest course: Astro-Biz – 5 Steps to Rock Star Entrepreneurship.

Jeannette and I will give an overview of the course and how your natal chart knows your most authentic path to become a rockin’ business owner …

Join us as we play with examples, looking at your unique path to professional success as a freelancer, artists/writer, service provider, CEO of your own gig, or counselor/coach helping others reach their highest potential.

We’ll be looking at:

1) Mars and your best ways to take action

2) Saturn and how to set authentic goals/face gremlin fears

3) The MC and your personalized approach to PR, marketing and public identity

4) Tapping into the inner audacity coach with Chiron

5) Discovering your High Road with the North Lunar Node

Bring your charts (by having them created online and uploaded to the GVA gallery or accessible by link) and your questions, or listen in/stream online.

Call starts – 6pm Eastern (USA)

LA – Wed – 3pm
NY – Wed – 6pm
LON – Wed – 11pm
SYD – Thu – 8am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

Or dial in: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!