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Over at the Supernatural Underground, I’m running a giveaway . . . and some thoughts on desire.

Originally posted on The Supernatural Underground:

Life’s Desires by Florian Geiss

Desire . . . a verb that means “wish, or long for,” from the Latin desiderare. The original sense of the word may be, “await what the stars will bring,” from the phrase de sidere (from the stars).

I love this connection to ‘the stars.’ It brings to mind a sense of destiny, spoken of in a beautiful quote from the Upanishad:

You are your deepest driving desire. 

As is your desire, so is your will. 

As is your will, so is your deed. 

As is your deed, so is your destiny. 

You are your deepest, driving desire . . . 

― Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Some believe that desire is our undoing. They might even quote various teachings to support the thought, but are we really translating correctly?

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