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Lascaux cave painting of aurochs

Happy Full Moon in the powerhouse sign of the  Aurochs.

This image is an ancient form of Taurus the bull, corresponding to strong, sustaining power and.

The Aurochs is linked to the modality and element of Earth. Think fixed, grounded, stable and tenacious.

Point Taurus in the direction of a desire and she gets the job done.

L.A. – Thursday 14.13
NEW YORK – Thursday 17.23
LONDON – Thursday 22.23
SYDNEY – Friday 09.23

Astro-LOA FLASH: At 14 degrees of Taurus, the full moon is in the second or Virgo/Mercury Decan. It combines Mercury’s power of discrimination and flexibility to the stick-to-it nature of the Bull.

Sensuality is still strong, yet now it needs a more social, flirty and intellectual expression. The affinity for change and flexibility augments, making this energy Less likely to lounge around ‘chewing things over’ and more likely to take action.

This full moon links to the Uranus – Pluto square, making it personal, intimate. Tune in to synchronicity and insights that will support change (and I mean, change for the better!).

It’s a perfect time to release any old habit pattern that has survived past the use by date. Take time to think on that. What would you like to release, physically, mentally or spiritually? Now’s the time to set that intention, and let go.

NOTE: don’t despair if you aren’t seeing the results you want immediately. The thoughts you think now are like money in the bank!

AriesARIES: The focus is on personal finances, but deeper than that, your sense of self value. If you want to amp up your bank account and develop your talents and resources to their fullest, turn your attention to self-esteem. Release self-doubts.

TaurusTAURUS: Taurus Sun or rising isn’t that keen on change, but this full moon is just what you need to drop resistance and let new intentions fly free. The focus is on your ‘shop window,’ and how you relate to others. Ask what you can do for YOU!

GeminiGEMINI: This full moon brings reclusive tendencies where you go deep into the privacy of your own thoughts to awaken hidden ideas. Superficial-social, for the next few days, will not serve. Meditate, contemplate, renew. Fill the tanks; release ‘must’.

CancerCANCER: The focus is on your connection to like-minded others, friends and possibly technology and innovation. You benefit from visioning and really feeling your goals and dreams for the future. Don’t spend this one alone. Reach out.

LeoLEO: Your most cherished intentions around your work life, career, mission and profession have the longest legs right now. Forget about other concerns for the next few days and plant those psychic seed in fertile, imaginative soil. It’s happening!

VirgoVIRGO: A creature of habit, and rightly so, you maximize this full moon by changing up. Explore people, places, ideas and cultures outside your normal everyday experience. You don’t have to ‘go there’; just imagine a wider canvass. Think ‘global’.

LibraLIBRA: On the surface, deal with any debt, unresolved joint finances or tax issues. On a deeper level, this is the time to unravel the emotional generator that lies beneath. Set intentions to release any irksome creations or tolerations and they’re toast!

ScorpioSCORPIO: After the recent splash of eclipses, this is a time for you to re-set. What do you really want in your relationship world. With this powerhouse configuration driving, you gain by initiating change, clarity, and elevation to the next level.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Set intentions around harmony in the work place, increased sense of adventure in your daily life and optimal, energetic, fabulous health. The more you let go of any gremlin vibe or grudges, the freer you’ll feel. Relax and release limiting beliefs!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Anything that gives you a chance to shine, to express your individuality and amp up your creative pleasure is perfect for this full moon. It’s about knowing what you love, and finding ways to do more of that, every day!

AquariusAQUARIUS: This is were you get clarity around home, domestic and family desires. What wants changing? Improving? Imagine it now. On a deeper level, get to the core of your inner world, the heart of your emotional stability, and make a wish.

piscesPISCES: If you’re thinking of improving your education, starting a study group, writing, teaching, learning or training, now is the perfect time to give that a go. The more you open up the channels of communication, the more abundance you attract!


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