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Hey Everyone, this is a RE-BLOG from Jeannette Maw at GoodVibeCoach.com. It blows me away every time I hear her tell this story. Enjoy! xKim

When the vibes get kinky this is how I remind myself that life is good and all is well.

I hope you like it … (Read in full . . .)

Once upon a time I read a book by Kim Falconer called The Spell of Rosette. (It’s a fab story!)


The first night I went to sleep after starting Kim’s book, I had a life-changing dream.

In this dream I experienced everything a human being could. (You know how dreams are that way – impossible things and such.)

  • I was loved and I was abandoned.
  • I was successful and I failed.
  • I was healthy and I was sick.
  • I was adored and I was shunned.
  • I was murdered and I did murder.

I think I was even male and female. I experienced everything a person could experience in this dream. And felt every emotion a person could feel . . .  (Read in full . . .)