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Christian Schloe – Surrealist Visions

On the eve of the New Year 2015, I thought it would be fun to hit the highlights and get us lined up to Pre-Pave the most fabulous year ever. I also wanted a go-to post to refer back to over the year, and dial in on the best way to set 2015 intentions!

Are you with me?

Over at GVA, Jeannette Maw and I will be doing a 12 month call series  to explore these highlights deeper –  Astro-Empower 2015 for GVA Circle Members. You can join us online, or dial in on the day. Everyone welcome.

Highlights of 2015

* The Grand Cardinal Cross ie Uranus square Pluto, Nodes and Luminary activation

This is basically the Uranus/Pluto square that has been in orb since 2010. It makes it’s final exact conjunction in MARCH. It may be helpful to look back over the last 5 years, especially checking in with early 2012, April/May 2013 and January 3/4, 2015 for insights into what’s been challenged, changed and evolved. They key here is to transform, from the inside out. If you are pointing the finger at someone else, or a situation(s), ask what it might have to do with you. This is your primary purpose in 2015, to address ‘where’ this aspect (and the transiting nodes) are activating your chart. If you aren’t sure, ask in the comments and we’ll help you discover it.

The Uranus/Pluto square, what my friend Mystic Medusa calls the Zap-Zone, is in orb all year, triggered to a peak on the following dates:

* Jan 4th, 2015: Full Moon at 14 Cancer
* Mar 16, 2015 – FINAL Uranus square Pluto 16 Aries/Capricorn
* Apr 4, 2014 – Full Moon Eclipse 14 Aries
* Apr 15, 2015 – Icarus conjunct Uranus 16 Aries
* Jul 15th, 2015: New Moon at 23 degrees Cancer

* Mercury Rx Cycles 2015

Mercury the trickster, planet of communication, messenger of the gods, is retrograde three times in 2015. This is like the 4 of Swords in the Tarot where we pause, slow down and rethink, reconsider, review and reevaluate ideas, feelings, plans and promises, particularly in the area of life indicated by the zodiac degrees. Check them out.

Here is a list of the times/degrees (EST – thank you Cafe Astrology)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.43.30 am




Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.43.42 am

* Chinese New Year of the Goat  – February 18/19, 2015

This is a very powerful New Moon and ‘changing of the guardians’.

LA – Feb 18 – 3:47 pm
NY – Feb 18 – 6:47 pm
Lon – -Feb 18 – 11:47 pm
Syd – – Feb 19 – 10:47 pm

We’ll do a call on this topic in February for sure!

* Mars-Venus and Eros-Psyche in Pisces with Neptune and Chrion and over the Zero Degree Aries Point!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


A line up like this doesn’t happen every year. The last one may not have even been in your lifetime!

You’ll want to tune into your powers of attraction, passion and deepest desires where you find 0 Pisces to 0 Aries in your chart. Here’s the Ephemeris:

We’ll be doing a call specifically on this topic in February 2015 over at GVA. Keep an eye on the calendar or sign up as a GVA member if you want to delve deeper.

* The Season of the Eclipses

* March 20 – New Moon Eclipse @29 Pisces – This is the last degree of the last sign. Ask, “What will I expiate?” You give something back to the gods today.
* April 4 – Full Moon Eclipse @14 Libra – Activation of the Uranus – Pluto square. You get to see what is left to process. In @technicolor.
* September 13 – New Moon Eclipse @20 Virgo – Do the de-clutter of the year.
September 27 – Full Moon Eclipse @4 Aries – a full on physical body – love – check- in!

* Venus Rx in 2015

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Periodically, the Synodic cycle has Venus turning retrograde once every 18 months or so. We are in for another one this year, a chance to reflect on our relationships, values, self-worth and esthetics.

Active from June to October, you’ll want to pre-pave this, big time! Look at your chart to find the range of degrees between 14 Leo and 0 Virgo. That is the house(s) you want to activate and immerse in for the best results.

More on this when the time comes.

* Jupiter in Leo and Virgo

Jupiter as an astrological archetype is know as the ‘Greater Benefic‘ It’s the largest planet in our solar system and is symbolic of large scale experiences – big wins, big times, big love. You get the picture.

Jupiter is optimistic, popular, expansive and generous. Some call him the ‘Cosmic Santa Clause’ (others reserve that title for Neptune) but all agree, Jupiter lifts our hopes, helps us aim high and shows us new horizons.

But what’s really going on when we experience this energy is we begin to believe in ourselves. That’s what makes it happen!

The power of the vibrations of confidence, commitment and belief . . . can turn dark horses into champions, long shots into heroes and underdogs into top dogs.Jeannette Maw

Confidence means you believe in yourself and where Jupiter changes signs, it symbolizes where we can amp up that belief and make things bigger! Check where Jupiter is transiting in late Leo / early Virgo and put your focus there in 2015!

* Saturn in and out of Scorpio

As Saturn, the planet of maturity, form, structure and ‘reality building’ glides into the sign of Sagittarius, we can get quite visionary, but he doesn’t stay there for long. From June to September 2015, Saturn is back into the tail end of Scorpio. You know, the one with the sting.

Click to enlarge - from CafeAstrology

Click to enlarge – from CafeAstrology

This is a powerful symbol of expansion, inner and outer, supporting awareness and releasing resistance in all it’s forms. In other words, dropping the deliberate creator denial. How? One way is to listening to the messages  via synchronicity, body talk, projection, events and dreams. More on that in the June GVA call. All welcome to join in.

Here’s to a happy, empowered and thrilling New Year. (check out a quick guide from Jeannette Maw for setting those intentions now.

Thank you for all your support and good wishes.

Happy 2015, Love and Light,