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Hey everyone! This is a RE-BLOG from the GoodVibeBlog. I thought she said it so well, I’d just press RB.

Do check out our podcast on what your moon wants you to know and feel free to comment on YOUR moon sign, placement and how she fits into your empowerment and deliberate creation mo. xxxKim

What Your Moon Sign Wants You to KnowFrom Jeannette at the GoodVibeBlog

Hey, here’s something you might want to know about …

Last year hundreds of LOA savvy creators joined Kim and I for a variety of our Astro-LOA courses.

That’s where we learn how to use our personal astrology to align to abundance, business success, and whatever else we desire.

We had a blast and this year we have several new courses planned. (Starting with Purpose, Path & Power later this month.)

But here’s what I wanted to tell you …

Instead of charging a couple hundred dollars for each of those courses like we did last year – in 2015 we’re offering all courses (past and present) to all members for no extra charge.

Membership is $29/month, which you can cancel any time. Courses are downloadable. The list of past courses you get immediate access to include:

  • Astrology for Deliberate Creators
  • Sex Secrets (What Your Astrology Can Tell You)
  • Path to Abundance
  • Transform with Transits
  • Astro-Biz (5 Steps to Rock Star Entrepreneurship)

(You can buy those past courses separately still, but members automatically get them free as part of their enrollment perks, of which there are many.)

It’s the sort of thing that goes in the “helluvadeal” category, if you ask me.

For a sampler of how we marry up astrology with law of attraction, you can hear this quick tutorial on using your moon sign to practice more effective self-love.

Turns out each sign has its own favorite way to experience love, so knowing yours can ring your bell even better – and conscious creators know what an essential piece self-love is for our alignment!

Enjoy that moon/self-love sample, and know that we’d love to see you join us at join us at Good Vibe Astrology to plug into your personal astrology magic throughout the year.

PS – here’s the tutorial on what your moon wants you to know in case you missed it above.

* * *

So, where’s that moon of yours? Mine’s in Aquarius (as you can see in the tut) and in the 6th house – oh boy!