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Ocean – Desert Contrast, Wall321

Astro-LOA Flash. We’ve got contrast incoming a la transiting Mars in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius. Think: action checked, and/or leading to a surprise outcome.

Don’t panic!

Contrast is what makes art-life-art so incredibly interesting. The path turns the corner and wham, the last person we expect to see is standing in our way, or the building’s gone, or we’re not in Kansas anymore. Suffice it to say the Astro-weather for the next few days has a vibe of uncertainty.

Note: contrast isn’t something to avoid, or fear! For one, we wouldn’t have a story without it, nor would we have much of an exciting life. The thing to remember about contrast is that it can be a noun or a verb.


1. Noun – the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. Red apples are in contrast to yellow lemons.

2. Verb – to differ strikingly. Her high income contrasted his low one.

With the noun, we experience the difference as a state of being. With the verb, we ‘see’ that we differ, and it often has a value judgment attached where different = wrong.

From: http://www.true-node.com/eph1 CLICK to enlarge.

From: http://www.true-node.com/eph1 CLICK to enlarge ephemeris.

The bottom line with contrast is, we have a choice to experience a state of striking difference with an “isn’t this interesting” approach, or we can get caught up in the action of differing, which can feel like something to fix.

Spending time contemplating our approach to contrast is supportive now as Mars urges us forward toward our dreams while Saturn puts the brakes on, asking that we check and recheck everything.

Think how helpful this is!

We get the chance to tune in and discover if the things we’re striving for (Mars) are still authentic goals (Saturn). It’s not about forging ahead blindfolded.

So tune in, reflect on what you really want (as opposed to what others expect you to want) and be the noun. Be the experience without judgment.

Renewed actions come later, after the new moon!

Have a great weekend!