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If you received the Newsletter this week (let me know if you didn’t but want to) you’ll have seen this week’s Astro-LOA, but I wanted to focus on the mutual reception (the three with the red arrows in the image) and hear your thoughts.

NOTE: Jupiter’s in Leo (Sun’s natural sign), Sun’s in Capricorn (Saturn’s natural sign) and Saturn’s in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s natural sign).

Think of it as uniting these energies, allowing us to tap into the sun’s consciousness, Saturn’s authenticity and Jupiter’s expansion.

This connection is going to last a while longer as Sun into Aquarius is still Saturn ruled.

To explore this, look at where these three players are in your chart right now and watch for correlations.

Tips for the upcoming week:

Be the contrast is about the Mars/Saturn square, and a powerhouse mutual reception. It’s a ‘spartan up’ sort of energy. Can you embrace it?

Have eyes for the gifts is all about Uranus on the South node. It’s a time where the shock of realizations, often from a memory or person from the past, puts you in a state of renewed clarity and appreciation. Visualize the buried treasure.

Allow, allow, allow – this is the Mars/Neptune conjunction, representing the part that many of resist – the ALLOWING of our desires to manifest in our physical reality. We don’t always easily practice it. (Especially when we think it really counts!) Read more here from the GoodVibeCoach  . . .

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