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“Full Sun” by Crispin Korchen

Hey everyone! Jeannette  and I have a new course starting tomorrow over at GoodVibeAstrology. comPurpose, Path and Identity Expansion.

We’re leveraging personal astrology to boost law of attraction, aka manifesting skills.

By tapping talents, skills, aptitude and authentic life pathways – learning how to identify with and follow your personal brand of bliss – you’ll begin to manifest your deepest driving desires.

Over the 6 week course, we’ll explore your path to empowerment via the astrological indicators in the natal chart, including asteroid Karma, and through current transits and progressions.

At the end of this course you will hold in your hands a personalized Rx to activate your sense of empowerment, purpose and direction in life. You’ll also have your Astro-empowerment crystal, synched to your horoscope, to enhance the insights and epiphanies you’ve gained.

Each week has a main topic and will be presented in a recorded group call for you to download and listen to. (These discussion calls are recorded if you can’t make the live call.) You’ll also receive PDF downloads, video tutorials, and have access to the Q&A discussion forum. Includes ‘Hands On’ sessions with student charts. There isn’t anywhere else you’ll find such a strong complement of savvy astrology with LOA expertise.

See you there!

Duration: 6 weeks
Cost: Free to GVA Circle Members. If you are interested in taking it as a standalone, please Email Kim & Jeannette for available seats.

Start Date: January 27, 2015

Course Outline

Week #1 – The Sun as Identity Introduction to the astrological chart as a guide to Purpose, path and Identity, and how the law of attraction can set you on a road to fulfilling your desires. You’ll explore signs of talents, natural resources, empowerment and where to go to develop these qualities – particularly the Sun. Focus is on the Sun and solar aspects, and the notions of authenticity and awareness. Full of LOA techniques to help you align with who you want to be.

Week #2 – The Ascendant as the Magic Mirror Here you explore the Ascendant sign, decan, dwad and aspects and the nature and benefits of a fluid, shifting identity. Different situations call for different aspects of yourself, and the Ascendant can help us morph into alignment with just what we desire. You’ll focus on the evolving nature of the life path and spot those signposts in each others charts. This gets you into the perfect-for-you energy alignment to be everything you can possibly be.

Week #3 – The Nodes and Acting ‘As If’ Here you will discover the Lunar nodes and how they describe the paths, choices and forks in the road. Learn more about your own empowerment, what is well developed and what wants more focus as you explore this power points in the chart. The idea of ‘acting as if’ is practiced, on the group call and in the forum, along with other techniques to help you shift into the person you want to be.

Week #4 – Releasing Resistance; Embracing Excitement Consciously or unconsciously, all of us can resist our greatest potential, and astrology and the law of attraction are powerful indicators to identify where we ‘hide’ our path to success, and why. This week identifies any denial, releases resistance and amps up your greatest self-awareness! You will discover where your asteroid ‘Karma’ is, what it means and the reason certain goals and ideas excite you so much.

Week #5 – Making Choices When the Time is Right Often the path to Purpose, Path and Power is paved with choices. Which way do we go? The timing, and direction, of opportunities is revealed in the astrological chart, synchronicities and awareness through appreciation of what we attract. This week looks at transits, progressions and how you can leverage your astrology to make the ‘right for you’ choices and live the life you desire.

Week #6 – Hands on Chart Work and LOA Tools The final week includes a call-in discussion and forum participation resulting in your Astro-LOA Rx for boosting your sense of purpose, life direction and awareness of fluid identities. You’ll finish up this course with a clear set of goals and Astro-LOA tools, including your personal planetary crystal guide designed specifically for you to increase your sense of identity, power and ability to attract what it is you desire.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmDuration: 6 weeks
Cost: Free to GVA Circle Members. If you are interested in taking it as a standalone, please Email Kim & Jeannette for available seats.

Start Date: January 27, 2015 (5pm EST)