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The Full Moon in Leo is a vibe lifter this month, linking to expansive and free-spirited Jupiter, willful, autonomous Uranus, and trickster Mercury Rx.

It puts the SELF in creative self-expression. Big time.

Reflect on your creative goals, dropping all expectations from others, and from the part of you that cares about what others think.

This is your time. Your vision. Your heart. Embrace it.

And make it your own.

I view creativity as a sacred tool . . . (we) have a soul that needs to express creatively, be it through art, music, dance, gardening, cooking, poetry etc. because we know intuitively that it’s healing, transformative, and empowering.  – Wendy Cook

Parapraxis, of course, is in the air with Mercury Rx, so laugh and learn from the silly ‘mistakes’ that pop like popcorn. The world’s a stage . . .

The nobility in the Leo full moon shines bright and where it falls in your chart is where you can boost feelings of individuality, confidence and distinction al la the proverbial creative pen. Have fun with it. Be playful. Let the lion roar!

Sign by sign hints below. What’s happening for you on this full moon? Comments always welcome.

FULL MOON at 14 LEO Feb 3-4
L.A. – Tuesday – 3:09 pm
NEW YORK – Tuesday – 6:09 pm
LONDON – Tuesday – 11:09 pm
SYDNEY – Wednesday – 10:09 am

AriesARIES: Romantic encounters and affairs of the heart hold your focus. There is a feeling of closure on one level and new intentions on another. You really want to know how you feel but the energy is so restless it doesn’t seem to light on any one theme for long. That’s okay. You can go with multiple directions!

TaurusTAURUS: This full moon, the party comes to you! Set yourself up in your own space and allow others to grace your presence. There is much to talk about and even animated debates can be fun. Let go of any old notions about home and family that are holding you back. Ask where it is you want to live.

GeminiGEMINI: Whatever written or spoken project you have on the back burner, bring it to the front! This is a time to get noticed for your creative genius and mental acumen. No more feeling lost in the crowd. Speak your mind, no matter how frank, and things start to go your way like you imagined only in your dreams!

CancerCANCER: The light shines on your financial sector and discussions around resources, joint projects and your ‘earning power’ come up. You feel enthused! There is a fresh new set of goals, intentions and opportunities rising like a genie from a bottle. Three wishes? Try three thousand. Sky’s the limit!

LeoLEO: This is a time to bask in the light of creation, to feel gratitude for everything that is light and bright and beautiful in your life, for ever person who touches your heart. It’s also a time to appreciate the contrast, the situations that have made you pause, question, struggle. Bless everything; Exclude nothing!

VirgoVIRGO: Your Leo full moon asks for introspection – day dreams, facilitation and meanderings. There is no need to be on the ball. Actually, make an intention to drop the ball, for a time, and relax, bliss out, rest. As you slack off the tension in your life, a world of health, healing and revitalization rushes in!

LibraLIBRA: The light of the Leo moon shies on your friendships, your associations and the like-minded others who enrich you life. Socialize! Get out and about with those you adore and don’t think too much about pressing responsibilities. Mercury Rx in fellow AIR sign is a reprieve, a promise of improvements on the way! Trust!

ScorpioSCORPIO: Potent career energy turns your head and you may have multiple offers to consider. They all have merit! To choose the most authentic, ask which path expresses your true self the most. This is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. Knowing your core values and living them. Reflect there now!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Travel and adventure are never far from your mind, metaphorically or literally, but this full moon awakens a keen desire to expand your horizons in a new-for-you way. For this to happen fast, you might want to let go of a singular limiting belief that’s holding up the show. Find it. Drop it. Move on!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Shared resources and deep probing ideas hold your attention as you work to build an ongoing project towards completion. Full moon in Leo says step back! View this puppy from a larger, wider perspective. Until March 3rd, we’re in the Mercury Rx zone. There could be delays but never denial!

AquariusAQUARIUS: This full moon points to your personal one-to-one relationships. It will be interesting to see how they flourish and/or hold up. Most likely there will be searing honesty and that in itself can be cleansing, uplifting. Trust that any disruption leads to creative change. Think connection AND independence. You can have both!

piscesPISCES: The full moon in your work sector means acknowledgement in your day to day routine, craft or artistry. You will be noticed! Be sure and allow this attention by being open and generous of heart. Connect. Engage. Trust. Appreciate the creative energy coming your way and put it to good use! Revel!

Have a wonderful FULL MOON !

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