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The Merry Month of May swings into action with the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 3rd/4th. It has a bit of a sting! Think of it as a powerhouse time of transformation where you face inner landscapes of the past an have the choice to reignite or release. Anger could be involved, which is your personal, internal body guard. Remember that. You may not need quite so much protection anymore.

This is a passionate moon, one that could propel you over perceived obstacles, or have you brooding about them. You decide. Moon is sextile ruling Pluto, opposite ruling Mars. You have untold creative power and energy. Use it as you will.

Technical Note: The fixed full moon is in the second decanate of Scorpio, which is Pisces, linking the energy of Mars/Pluto (Scorpio rulers) and Jupiter/Neptune (Pisces rulers). With a T-Square between Sun, Moon and Jupiter, and the trine to Neptune added into the mix, we are definitely looking at an emotional ride. As my friend Mystic Medusa always says, you can go haute Pisces or Lo Pisces, and for this lunar event, it couldn’t be more true. Decide if you want to be compassionate or conniving before hand, and stick to it! This FM also activates the Uranus-Pluto square, still in close orb. The watch word is change.

Full Moon @13 Scorpio May 3rd/4th
LA – Sunday – 08:43 pm
NY – Sunday – 11:43 pm
LON – Monday – 04:43am
SYD – Sunday –  01:43 pm

On the 7th, Venus moves into Cancer and trines Neptune, an aspect that brings care, empathy and gentle willingness to nurture. Most likely this will soften the edges of the Full Moon but don’t mistake kindness for weakness. This is a cardinal sign, with a strong emotional push. Venus here wants to take actions, ones that will enhance a sense of clan and security. It’s a perfect time to tune into your ideas of family, love and caring. Are you fulfilled, or needing something more, or different?

Mars into Gemini on the 11th is a flirty, vivacious, playful energy, though it’s honed into a serious point as it opposes Saturn, and activates the Saturn – Neptune square. This means there’s a drive to release old, crystallized patterns, and the ability to make leaping creative change, if we look inward. Without self awareness, this laser focus can be pointed at others. If you find yourself listing people’s faults left, right and center, ask what that list has to do with you.

Remember, like attracts like. Use that knowledge to flow inspired action. This is a wonderful opportunity to “be the better person.” It seems like a lot of homework to do, all in the first two weeks but if you put awareness on your actions and desires and the inner drives that motivate them, you’ll find the Mercury Retrograde period a breeze.

New Moon in Taurus on the 17th, opposite Saturn has a thoughtful vibe. If you are ready to pitch a well organized project or idea that you have build solid from the ground up and discussed in detail prior, excellent. But if you’re about to shoot from the hip, or go in blind, hit the pause button. Success comes with a well thought out plan. See Monthly New Moon scopes for tips (up by the 15th).

Mercury turns Rx on the 18th in the home sign of Gemini. You want to use this energy to revisit your old stories. What is it you keep telling yourself about your life? Is it helpful or unhelpful? If it’s the latter, take time to release the old pattern and script yourself a NEW STORY about whatever’s not going right. Home, family, love, money, career? Tell a new story. No time could be better for this exercise than the Mercury Rx period, between May 18th and June 11th. Rethink, rewrite, restore.

Technical Note: Go to the house(s) where Mercury is Rx and focus your review and renew practice there. Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach has tips for Story Crafting in Manifesting. It’s a fabulous practice, especially for the time of Mercury Rx.

Sun into Gemini on the 21st is more AIR – bright, communicative, flexible and flirtatious energy, though again, it’s coming off an opposition to Saturn and activating the Saturn – Neptune square. If you are working on a long-term project that lights you up, and feeds your creative muse, this could be a time of fresh input and help out of the blue. If you’re slaving away in a job you don’t like or a relationship that feels unfulfilled, the shift to Gemini will be the ray of light in the pigsty. If so, USE it to plan your healthy, optimistic change. You have a choice, and that begins by thinking yourself up a better story.

The month winds down with Mercury Rx on Sun and Mars, which might feel like both the tortoise and the hare have fallen asleep. Don’t panic; chill. This in not the time to measure or weigh anything up. Don’t look at states, or check emails, phone messages or answering machines. Breathe. Relax. Find ease. The egg will hatch if you keep incubating. Cracking it early isn’t going to help the cause.

Patience in the time of Gemini, everyone!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments as the month unfolds. Let’s work on those new stories!