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Bilder für jedermann or

Bilder für jedermann or “Bookworm” by Fenner Behmer

Astro-LOA Flash: Mars turns Void of Course in Taurus (see times below) giving us some coasting time until the big bang into Gemini. Think of it as shifting into neutral when you’re clocking a good speed. You have a certain momentum and now you can let things ride.

MARS VOID at 28 TAURUS 24′ May 9th/10th
LA – Saturday – 1:36 pm
NY – Saturday – 4:36 pm
LON – Saturday – 9:36 pm
SYD – Sunday – 6:36 am

MARS INTO GEMINI May 11th/12th
LA – Monday – 7:40 pm
NY – Monday – 10:40 pm
LON – Tuesday – 3:40 am
SYD – Tuesday – 12:40 pm

Things to do on a Mars VOC

Relax, sleep in, congratulate yourself on what is working, growing, flourishing, and allow the trajectory to take you to the next exciting step. Celebrate!

Things not to do on a Mars VOC

Push, shovel, slave, barter, badger, holler, wrangle, threaten, macro or micro manage, regret, chastise, judge.

Mars is the engine of the psyche. The action station! It burns the fuel to turn the pistons of your life, getting you out of bed in the morning to jump into a new day.

Learn More about the astrology – natal and transit – of Mars on this quick tutorial.

When VOC, it’s ideal to unwind while you fill the tanks! Why? Because Mars has just been through almost all of Taurus and you have burned your Taurus house/planets down to the nib. In the days of the void, you refuel! Joss Whedon, a Cancer btw and clearly adept and self-nurturing and love, says:

Fill the tanks, fill the tanks. Constantly watch things, and things you don’t [normally watch]. Step outside your viewing zone, your reading zone. It’s all fodder but if you only take from one thing then it’ll show. – Joss Whedon

Whether your focused on business, art, helping professions, family, parenting, farming, it doesn’t matter. Find a way to refill what has been depleted. It might be reading, viewing, more exercise, less exercise, more nourishing food, fasting, massage, meditation, parties, sex, intimacy or time on your own. Your inner guidance knows what to do, or not do. Just fill the tanks.

NOTE: It’s usually the Moon’s void of course phase that we track, occurring for hours or a day every 2.5 days, but any planet, other than the sun, goes void of course. There are several ways to measure this. The contemporary way is to note when the Moon or planet is PAST the exact degree of its final major aspect while still in its current sign. So on the 9th of May, when Mars reaches 28 Taurus 24, it makes no applying aspect in that sign until moving into Gemini on the 11th. At that point it immediately applies to the square to Saturn at 2 Sagittarius.

Mars VOID is a really cool time to play with Jeannette Maw’s idea of doing nothing. Nothing but receive!

Let me know in the comments how you fill the tanks.

I’m putting in extra reading, meditation, conscious appreciation and making a career mood board. I’ll blog on that when Mars is in Gemini!

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