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Rob Gonsalves‘ surrealistic paintings

Astro-LOA Flash: Mind boggling Mercury Retrograde square King of the unconscious sea Neptune over the next two days. It could be a time of confusion, there for your support and pleasure.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 12.43.20 pmWhat? Since when is confusion our friend?

Since now!

No, I haven’t gone nuts. I’m saying confusion can be a goldmine, if you approach it with the right perspective.

out-to-lunch-signs-printable-out_to_lunchThink of it this way. Confusion releases you from your relentless path or goals, giving you a time out to question your best course of action. It ties in with the idea that Mercury Retrograde is all about review, reflection and release. Add in the non-linear, right brain Neptune energy, and basically, it’s best to be out to lunch, for now!


Research is also showing that confusion is a good thing. It means you are beginning to understand!

Confusion is a natural part of learning. If I’m not getting confused then I’m not learning enough. – 

Confusion helps us let go of old ideas, set points and beliefs. It’s the stage of the hero’s journey where we get lost in the woods, deep in the liminal regions without a map. When that happens, we will find new pathways, something nigh impossible to discover if the way is perfectly clear.

If you can get on board with a dose of confusion, this weekend is going to be auspicious. If you fight it, it’ll be a pain in the butt, your choice. The idea is to allow the seas of Neptune’s unconscious to wash over you. Be lost, at this time, and see what rises up from the journey.