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11787204_1686732078224080_1060037257_nHi Everyone,

I have an announcements today, entwined with the lovely Mercury, (ideas and words) Venus (pleasure and sharing) and Jupiter (expansion and joy) conjunction.

I’m calling it Save the Day, my new Facebook page consisting of daily writing tips and weekly writerly tutorials. Here’s a glimpse of that’s up there so far:

Tip #13: You don’t have to struggle for ideas. You have to ‘relax’ for them. As John Steinbeck said, “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” Where do your ideas come from? I know mine often seem out of the blue.

Tip #9: Create a sense of danger, risk and consequence. It could be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological, but it has to matter. Keep danger immediate by putting your characters at risk. Make us care, then push them over over the edge.

Tip #5: In each of your scenes, something must change. Hate turns to love. Fear –> trust. Anticipation –> dread. Belief –> disbelief. Joy –> sorrow. Anger –> amusement. Trust –> distrust. It isn’t a scene until something changes; and once something changes, it’s time to move on.

Tip #1: Read! Half of all writing is reading, and that doesn’t just mean your audience. It’s you too. Connect to story in every conceivable way. Inside and outside your genre, good books and bad. Film scripts, novels, short stories. Read. Read. Read!

If you want a daily tip for inspiration and a weekly video tutorial, like Save the Day and they’ll show up in your FB feed.

If you guys are keen, I’ll post a weekly digest here. Love to hear your thoughts.

And where is Mercury/Venus/Jupiter in your chart? (26 – 28 Leo). What creations are coming forth? What celebrations? Let us know!