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MustualReceptionHi Everyone,

You may have noticed that Mercury (in Scorpio) is in mutual reception to Mars (in Virgo). In other words, they are in each others natural signs.

Mutual reception occurs when two planets are transiting each others ruling signs at the same time. It applies to natal charts and particularly to horary questions.

When planets are in mutual reception, they have more affinity with each other. A kind of knowing and support. They are ready to facilitate, right off the bat.

I’m thinking that is why my book (Mercury) is suddenly available (Mars) in a country where I haven’t actually sold the rights  – not that I don’t want too!

Path of the Stray: Quantum Encryption Bk 1

POTS_fb On Sale: $1.99

I also think some interesting law of attraction is at work . . . I mean, if you “act as if” your books are available worldwide, then they become available, even if in legally questionable ways! 🙂 Maybe?

Meanwhile, please feel free to take advantage. Book 1 in quantum encryption is on sale for $1.99 direct from HarperCollins US. 

I’ll have to ring them on their Monday to sort this out, but I wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to grab it for cheap while it’s up there.

If you ever get stuck for any books in the series, let me know. I want no readers left hanging!

Thanks everyone!

And, if you have a mutual reception in your chart, I’d love to hear about it.