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Hi Everyone,

ASTRO-LOA FLASH: If you’re pouring over the ephemeris, or even glancing casually at it, you’ll notice that Dec 25 is the day Uranus changes direction. (Of course, not really. It just looks that way* from earth, but the move from 16 Aries * retrograde to direct often has a synchronicity with CHANGE, so eyes wide open, everyone!

Uranus entered the Retrograde zone late March, 2015 and went Rx July 26, 2015.

We can begin our exploration of what might be up for change by asking if anything shifted at those times. Was something promised but put on hold? Was there a definite YES or No, but seemingly not further results? Or was it a ‘liminal’ zone, a lost in the woods feeling? A ‘rug out from under the feet’ experience? Think back and identify the STORY you were telling around those times.

Flash forward to now. It’s the archetypal trickster time! That means, your world can turn upside down. (in a good way, you know, like much needed, creative change.)

Get ready to tell a NEW story*. Actually START telling the new story because the logjam is about to break free.

Ideas? Comments? Stories?  I’d love the hear them here.

Feel free to post our Uranus Direct revelations here.



*Retrograde Tutorial

* 16 Aries is the LEO decan. Think Mars-action and Sun – creative fire.

* Story Crafting in Manifesting by Jeannette Maw