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Tethered but Free by Crispin Korschen

Astro-LOA Flash: Asteroid 1566 Icarus conjuncts Venus and squares Mars (see ephemeris below) activating a cosmic dance between desire, love and adventure. It brings up a bit of a love-will-freedom-closeness contrast, which translates into A) relationship dramas or B) Self-discovery. Of course, it can be both!

Mars wants to take independent, willful, dynamic action. Venus wants to put her needs on the back burner to win love and connection. Icarus wants to inspire the heights of possibilities. Put the tree together and you have interesting times ahead.

Most likely you will find it impossible to put up with anything that irks.

This can manifest as a full realization of what you’ve been tolerating. (what holds you back) If you feel limited or restricted, watch the next week for a creative win/win. The impulse is to ‘fly free’ so let your spirit soar, while honoring your core values (Venus) and your desires (Mars). . Check decisions made in 2008. Where did they lead? Now YOU decide what to keep, what to toss, and what’s next!

The goal is to find the And/and, not Either/or. Love AND Will. Freedom AND Closeness. Tethered AND Free!

The Mythos: Icarus was Daedalus’s boy who, ignoring his father’s practical warning not to fly too close to the sun, lost his feathered wings, fell to the sea and drowned. Not a very successful outcome, though he did escape the prison tower they’d been stuck in. Some people associate Icarus with a kind of crash and burn mentality. Not me. I see it as freedom. Expansion. Liberation! What drowns is the old self, reabsorbed into the collective unconscious. What lives on is wiser, more inspired and ready for the next challenge.

True, this asteroid can represent some extreme measures, feelings and insights but mainly it represents an attempt to escape intolerable situations. It is the impulse to get out of limiting patterns or go for goals that others might say are impossible. Note: It doesn’t have to always end ‘badly’.

Icarus with Venus and Mars can be vivid inspiration. But trapped, he is like a wild bird caged. Ever had that feeling? It’s like an instinctual urge to run like hell when all they’ve said is, sign here, or pick you up at 7, or maybe I do . . .

Icarus with Mars especially is a chance to gain a deeper insight on the ‘flight’ side or our fight or flight response. Where do you feel like flying the coop? Is it fear, instinct or healthy self-awareness? Take a moment to think about it this week and eliminate a toleration or too. Why? Because tolerating something is not a virtue. It can be a heavy energy drain. (Read more about Granting Freedom from Tolerations.)

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Here’s what Jeannette Maw has to say about it:

Toleration: To tolerate something means to “allow the existence of, to permit or endure or put up with something.” This implies that the something (or someone) is less than ideal and tends to drain a person’s energy. Thus, a toleration is often a hindering influence to the vibration. More . . .

Leverage the Icarus/Venus/Mars energy and Toss out Tolerations now!

If any of you know where Icarus is in your natal chart, feel free to mention it here.

Mine’s exact on my descendant putting me in an Icarus return!  Wowza!


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