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Warrior and Spirit by Rance Hood

Warrior and Spirit by Rance Hood

Hi everyone! You may have caught my recent post on Facebook:

Astro-LOA Flash: Mars (action/drive) is at a standstill. It’s a time of patience, deep breaths and ‘not yet’ which can be freaking frustrating! (especially if you have a book release or project to launch, or date to make). Can you hold your horses? Just a little longer?

The post generated a stream of questions, most of them a version of, “HOW MUCH LONGER?’

If you’re asking that question right now, the answer is below, but first, please let me make this super clear:

If you don’t take the time to reconsider your actions and increase your self awareness WHILE MARS IS RX you miss a beautiful opportunity.

A gift from the universe. Take it and say thank you.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll not be able to tune into greater awareness and authenticity with your motivations at other times, but it’s EASIER to do now, especially in these last few days of Mars retrograde. Please take advantage of the energy that surrounds you now!

If you’re not sure what I mean by “take advantage of this energy now” you can listen to a talk I delivered at GoodVibeAstrolgy.com with Jeannette Maw on Mars Rx. Here is the PDF of the chat with links to chart examples if you really want to give this your all.

In a nutshell, you note what feels stuck. What habits, rituals, set points, beliefs and stories are you telling that are keeping you from moving forward? You don’t wallow in this. You observe and with the insights gained, you ready yourself to get a move on. Set clear intentions.


The turn around date is June 29, 2016. 7pm Eastern (USA).

Mars Rx from Cafe Astrology

Mars Rx from Cafe Astrology

Do you want to set your clock by this date? No, and here’s why.

The turn around point might be felt as RELIEF but you still need some time to rev your engine (Mars) and put your foot on the pedal. A logical point is when Mars is out of the RETROGRADE ZONE (the degree of the zodiac that he stopped on in the first place. (Of course Mars didn’t actually stop in the sky. Check this 5 minute tutorial to show you what’s really going on.

So what’s that ‘out of the shadow’ degree?

August 22, 2016.

Do you have to ‘wait’ that long.

No! But it may not be until late August that you really start to feel the results of your inspired actions and newly gained self awareness.

Best Online Ephemeris!

Best Online Ephemeris!

There and even better key time that could pack a punch:

July 14th. Please pay attention to this day. Here’s why:

On the 19/20th of June, Mars was ‘iinconjunct’ or 150 degrees from Uranus (sudden events, innovations and actions) and it might have been the MOST stuck you have felt in a long while.

If you use this time between to do your inner work, bumping up self awareness and then boost your self esteem, enthusiasm and nous, on July 14/15 the flood gates open! You feel the wind on your face. The horse is ready to gallop.

Because that’s the day Mars returns to the inconjunct with Uranus only now he’s direct. All systems go. Look for some amazing insights at this time and run with them.

It’s happening!

And if you can’t quite believe it, ACTIVATE the vibration of ‘it’s happening’ to give yourself the best shot.

Make sense?

Now do the inner work and be ready to rock and roll!

I’ll see you in the comments if you have any questions or insights.

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