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Baja California by Leon Afremov

Welcome Mercury Direct – TODAY – and welcome the New Year of 2017!

The first announcement is, I’ve diversified my sites somewhat and want to point you in the right direction(s). If you want to follow the Daily Astro-Flash, catch it on my Facebook page: Kim Falconer Author. Here’s today’s with Mercury Direct:


Astro-Flash MONDAY – Mercury, messenger of the gods, has turned direct! You may not notice an instant easy flow, but over the next days and weeks, things fall into place. Connections have more grace. Messages, more clarity. Purchases, more reliability. Whatever was brewing early December resurfaces in sharper relief. Choices are made without hesitation or doubt. Onward and upward!

Some of you know, GVA – aka GoodVibeAstroloy.com – has a brand new, blog style site welcoming open members (free to register) and full members (joining at a reduced yearly price). Our newest course is on Karmic Astrology and the Law of Attraction. Email me if you aren’t a member and want a seat.

My latest release with excerpts and info is on AvaSykes.com

All other books and writing resources are at KimFalconer.com and Save the Day.

And, for those interested in what’s next –  I will be announcing NEWS in a matter of weeks. I can’t say anything yet, but I will leave you with this clip as a small hint. More soon!

vp_01Click to Enlarge

Happy Mercury Direct, Everyone!

Have a great week.